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    Must-Have Reliability Mods for Mk6 Golf GTI/R (Track)

    Some great discussion here. Not trying to discredit you, but how exactly would an aftermarket "Africa Plate" cause excess crankcase pressure? I understand it might cause the can to fill up more by not separating the oil as well as a stock PCV, but my understanding is crankcase pressure is...
  2. kthor7031

    F.S. - Raceseng Slammer Shift Knob

    Price: $90 shipped within US Selling my Raceseng Slammer Shift Knob (Brushed, Engraved and adapter for mk6 shifter shaft). Decided to go back to stock knob for a more OEM set up. In like-new condition. Will post pictures later. PM if interested. Link to product...
  3. kthor7031

    Hawk? EBC? StopTech? Other? What do you use and why?

    If you want no noise, don't get slotted rotors. They will cause some humming under harder braking. Any Hawks other than the HPS series will most likely make noise, so only consider HPS. Some kind of ceramic formulation is going to make the least dust. You have to pick between stopping power and...
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    Oil Leak Left side looking(passenger) HELP

    Glad to hear that's what it was. Makes me feel more confident in the source of my leak.
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    FS: G-LOC R12 & R8 Brake Pads

    Bump! Still for sale.
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    Rev drop behavior when shifting M/T- normal?

    I'd say the behavior is pretty typical. It's worse with a single mass flywheel, like I have. I usually hover the gas pedal when cold shifting to smooth it out.
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    Oil Leak Left side looking(passenger) HELP

    I am going to guess timing cover as well. I have almost the same amount of oil on my engine in the exact same places. I am attributing the leak to a catch can incident I had one winter when my lines froze, that definitely put more pressure in the crankcase than designed for. Been trying to hunt...
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    Brake Tools and Torque Specs

    Rear brake caliper carrier torque is 90NM plus 90 degrees per VW manuals and not 140 ft-lb. Idk if that is equivalent to 140 ft-lb, but be cautious or you will snap the bolt. It's a required replacement bolt too. Also, rear guide pin bolts are 35NM and has thread locker on it. It's required by...
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    Suspension for MK6

    Bilstein PSS are some of the best riding coilovers without much fuss. Stiffer but very comfortable. That would be my vote or a cup kit (spring/strut combo). 100% at least get new struts and shocks, especially at your mileage. I never trust springs with stock dampers. They might work, but if the...
  10. kthor7031

    Anyone run multiple K04 tunes???

    I like my APR 3.2 K04 tune. Can't complain. The peaky power isn't a big deal. Its artificial to a avoid the surge zone, but if you ring out the gears, you are always in the optimal spot. Really, up until 3.5-4k, it feels like a healthy stage 2 car and is actually nice for daily driving because...
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    K04 Turbo Outlet Pipe Options?

    I feel the same way. If stock fits, why have a specific one? In any case, my only input is my buddy bought an ARM intercooler for a BMW and it fit terribly. Couldn't install it ultimately. Not saying they all fit bad and on diff cars, but just a heads up.
  12. kthor7031

    FS: G-LOC R12 & R8 Brake Pads

    Selling my front set of G-LOC R12 pads and rear set of G-LOC R8 pads. Used for 5 tracks days (not weekends) on brand new rotors. I've retired the GTI from track use (have a 2015 m235i now). This set up was recommended to me by Danny from G-LOC, based on the car and track experience. The R12s...
  13. kthor7031

    Steel Wheel Center Cap with Lug Covers

    Selling a set of 4 center cap covers for OEM steel wheels. $50+ shipping. Great condition. Located in West Bloomfield, MI...
  14. kthor7031

    2013 Red Golf R Loaded Stage 1 34k Miles

    Posting for a friend :) Hi! I'm selling my 2013 Golf R that I bought in April of this year in VA so it has never seen a Michigan Winter. Car is super clean with no issues as the pictures show. Also, Tornado Red is the rarest color on this generation Golf R; I've only ever seen maybe 3 including...
  15. kthor7031

    16" Steelies with Hankook Optimo H725A

    Wheels Sold! Located in Washington, MI I still also have the wheel caps to cover the lug area. Selling for $50 shipped...