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  • looks good

    Srsly, its nice to see a girl that likes to mess around with a car, there are some girls in my area that take very good care of their cars and put most of us guys in shame, Nahh mean jelly bean.......

    Also why would i give you any shit my little hunnie bunches of oats, youre from Oakland ( i googled it turns out laguna beach isnt the whole entire state of cali) youre probably a gangbanger.
    That cant be Cali, Laguna beach doesnt look anything like that on TV.....

    Gangwars is that like a surfing/shopping/relaxing by the pool triathlon?
    ummm i think you posted the wrong video by accident of Oakland.......

    and ill get you one.
    Listen Ive watched The Hills and laguna beach I know how Cali is, you cant lie to me!!

    An ECU tune is completely safe, if anything im sure there are dealers in CA that offer a tune. That way of anything happens you'll be okay.

    and lol thanks, want one?
    No its not living in cali is like living Laguna beach all over and wearing hollister all the time and say weird things like brah and gnarly....

    oh and 20 hp huh thats weak, check this decal out that i have

    that shittt right there, gives me so much HP its unbelievable and no codes either an no need to vagcom.

    and and btw yea that was kinda lame what you just said before about whoring yourself out some bois and stuff using your car as a man jk

    *and you probably just said brah right now while you read that, and i bet youre wearing hollister too right now.
    I am very funny fyi....

    You're from cali its the same thing L.A or not.... and its not lame its very awesome and it may not give you much Hp -/+ 1hp but it gives you plenty of cool points!!
    Yea, well you know they say "You gotta play to Pay", its very true. Im not a fan of Apr's exhaust though, im not gonna lie. I hate the way it sounds, just hate it. I had a GHL and did that thing sound good. Its a bit on the louder side but its not bad really if you drive normally. But once you go WOT, it turns into a beast.
    In terms of an exhaust id recommend, GHL of course, Eurojet, and AWE..

    Well since youre a girl in all you should get one of these bad girls right here, REALLY BIG GIRLY GIRL TURBO...
    Thats good, I like the carbonio, its subtle ( not loud of an intake like the others ), looks clean with the carbon fiber.

    Yea I want to get coils and wheels, but meh idk I need to save up for summer lol.
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