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    BNIB Air Intake Filter / Used CSG Touch Up Paint Pens

    Found 2 more things for sale: 1. BNIB Air Intake Filter for mk6 GTIs. Not sure if it's compatible with any other engine. 2. Used touch up paint markers - carbon steel gray and clear coat. They were lightly used for a couple of stone chips. I'm sure there's plenty left in them. Located in...
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    GTA/KW Area-LED Tails, Plate Lights, DG Short Shifter, Cat Back, Vag Com

    Trading in the car so I did my best to take off my mods. All items are of course used, but 100% functional. Up for sale are: 1 - Replica LED Tail Lights. Got them from (member here). No problems whatsoever, but it requires vag com coding. Comes with adapters and no...
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    Help Needed: LED Tail Light Woes

    I bought Ed's LED tail lights: Received them today and went to throw them on. I'm having a number of issues. How do I code them? I've tried codes 1F, 20, and 55. 55 seems to be the only one that doesn't throw a fault, but now only the...
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    Georgetown VW

    In case anybody is looking for a recommendation... I felt like I had to chime in with the excellent service I received from Georgetown VW. My story: I bought my car from Don Valley VW. Always had it serviced there until my 75,000 km oil change. At that time I was also due for a brake fluid...
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    Squealing Throw Out Bearing

    ... is this a common problem for GTIs? lol jk. Does anyone know if there is a TSB for this? And does anyone know how I can make mine worse? I'm currently at 74,000 km (warranty expires at 80,000). Unfortunately I commute with my car, driving 1000 - 1400 km a week. I've had the problem with...
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    When to replace Air Filter?

    The dealership tried to sell me on a bogus $500 service since I "missed" the 64,000 km "milestone". Odd that their intervals go in 8000 while VW's recommendation is 15,000. I flipped through the manual to see what was actually recommended for 60,000 km and noticed nowhere does it say when to...
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    God Bless This Woman

    holding her foot against it means there is some pressure (small amount, I know, but pressure nonetheless) on the pedal, which prevents the clutch from being fully engaged. it's like driving along while slightly applying the brakes. It's just bad practise.
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    God Bless This Woman

    I noticed that too :( While it's true that most CAN learn... most don't bother. They just think it's more work to coordinate... which I think stems from the fact that most girls have no appreciation for mechanical functions - i.e. they don't care about what the clutch pedal is actually...
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    Anyone think they can offer some Health Advice on this forum? F'd Up Circadian Rhythm

    It blows my mind someone in their 20s needs drugs to get to sleep. Seriously, think about how screwed up that is. You're only about a quarter of the way through your life. My suggestion is that you actually get yourself into an actual rhythm. And by that I mean, don't wake up at 10 on...
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    So a cop flipped me off today

    What's stopping him from doing that to you? Absolutely nothing. Are you complaining that you didn't get a ticket...? I think your argument is "I was already speeding, I shouldn't have to go any faster". You are absolutely right, but if and ONLY if you were in as far right of a lane as...
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    Ford door edge protector WTF I WANT IT

    I don't want... However I do want everyone else in the world to want :)
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    Car & Driver October 2011

    How much does a GTI cost? "Best Handing Cars Under $40,000" wasn't a big enough hint? It's not surprising the GTI didn't win, but it is flattering to be considered in the first place. Obviously the GTI brings advantages that some of the other cars don't, primarily more versatility and...
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    So a cop flipped me off today

    Pretty much sums it up... Also a reminder for all - proper lane etiquette is "keep right unless passing". Note that it is NOT "Left lane for passing only". In other words if there are three lanes in your direction, you don't cruise in the centre lane. If nobody is on your right, then you...
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    Canadian Fast and Furious EH?

    Actually I think most of those if not all are actually their own toys. Whether or not daddy paid for them is a different story, but I know one lambo's is registered to the 18 year old driver. And while it's true most/all of them likely had a spoiled upbringing, I've read that the R8 owner...
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    Audi motor porn

    ^ Is it true that the S6/S8 engine is a derivative of the Gallardo engine?