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    JL audio Stealthbox

    $400 Older harder hitting version than current Having Matching JL audio slash 250.1 amp for $125 Located in northern california. Prefer Local pick up
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    Ed's tails Cherry Red

    non Fog. Located in california. PM/email for details $250
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    Ed's black HID headlights.

    I have a pair of HIDs complete with 55w HID bulbs for sale. No they are not LIKE NEW. They have no moisture issues etc, but they do have some clear coat pealing issues. Parting out out the car this is a cheap update for you... $250. Pickup available in Norcal
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    RNS 510 Version C

    $550. Works flawlessly Version C. LED backlight
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    (Nor-Cal) Parting out my TDI. (LEDs,RNS510,Stealthbox,VAG)

    I am looking to sell the stealthbox (the gen before this one that has the bigger SUB) ~$450 LED Tails $200 (Ed's) no missing LEDs RNS510 $550 Version C with the LED backlighting VAG-com $150 I also have a matching JL audio 250.1 amp for $125 including wiring for the sub. Wanted to give local...
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    Daily Driving stick sucks rant.

    Not driving stick chops 6" off your dick. I mean if you're packing a foot long then sure go ahead this way at least you'll be able to put it in our girls butt. If you're not everyone will just laugh at you.
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    Thought I'd share what I got after selling the mk7 R...

    It is an auto dudes... he said it in his original post.
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    Thought I'd share what I got after selling the mk7 R...

    How is your lower back in that...?
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    Worst car Subculture

    You need to make a different poll. 1. Stance fags 2. JDM Cocksuckers 3. Brozers 4. Eurosnobs
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    Bought a 15 SS

    Isn't it basically an 8 year old Pontiac G8 GXP ?:laugh: Not much "First model year" stuff in this car. But it will likely hold the value incredibly well. And it is pretty much the ultimate sleeper.
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    Bought a 15 SS

    Are they blowing those out at 10k off sticker? Sweet car though!
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Great car! How were the badge/headlights modified? Is it reversible?
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    HPFP Warranty extension 10 years/120k miles

    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :wub: VW extended the warranty on the fuel pump until 10 years 120k miles!! 09-12 Models They need to have the misfuel protector installed Car is...