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    How long is too long to go without DSG fluid change?

    My car has 45K miles right now and honestly I had not given it much thought until recently. Looks like we are supposed to do DSG fluid change at 40K, but how far is too far to go without doing it? Also, is there regular transmission fluid that needs change as well?
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    Tail light bulb replacement

    Can somebody help walk me through how to change the left-most rear tail light? I pulled back the carpet and all I see is this plastic piece wrapped in a metal spring. Not sure how to take it apart, or if I even need to. The tail light in the hatch door was real simple to get to but this one...
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    GT5 snub?

    I am happy with GT5 as well, I just wish the car selection was alittle better. They need to do away with so many of the crappy slow cars and introduce alot more performance vehicles, and more up to date ones! Especially for how long they took to put out this damn game.
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    GT5 snub?

    I second this question... Is it available on ps3?
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    GT5 snub?

    Is anybody else disappointed that they didn't include the MKVI GTI in the newly released Gran Turismo 5? I gotta say I was really looking forward to driving my exact car in this game but instead I have to drive an '05 GTI and pretend it is the same thing. Hopefully they will create new car...
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    Running rich with APR stage 1

    I was wondering if anybody else was noticing that their cars are running rich after upgrading to APR stage 1. To be fair I don't really know if the upgrade is the cause, because I got the upgrade with only 600 miles on the car so it wasn't enough time as a stock car to tell. The reason I think...
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    A/C drop in power

    Is there any way to negate some of the power loss when using the air conditioner? I am very surprised at the amount of power loss. I have APR stage 1 upgrade and with the A/C on the car feels almost like it is stock again. Im not sure if anything can really be done about it, any ideas?
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    MkVI vs. Infinity G35 Coupe

    So im on my way back home from watching some MMA fights and I pull up to a red light with a G35 Coupe next to me. Im thinking, lets see how fast my baby is. By the way I have APR Stage 1 upgrade on my GTI. So light turns green and I gun it, but he didn't take the bait... at first. We come up...
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    For those of you thinking about adding a sub...

    Where are you mounting the amp? I want to do something similar to the JL stealthbox with recessing the sub in the drivers side of the trunk, but I have no idea what to do with the amp. I dont want to just screw it to the back of the seat, I want it to either look sleak and clean, or not see...
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    APR stage I upgrade

    I am new to the forums and new to the GTI family as well. Just got my MKVI GTI this past weekend actually. Anyway, I am interested in this upgrade but I have a couple of questions. 1 - Will this modification void the warranty on the car? 2 - Will the remap get wiped out when I bring the car...
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    What was your last car?

    I just got rid of my beat up piece of junk 2001 Nissan Sentra. Will never buy Nissan again... so many problems after about 90,000 miles. Just got my 2010 GTI this past weekend and I am loving it! Needless to say this car feels like a rocketship after driving a 126hp car for 9 years.