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    FWIW - Safari interface - if you've forgotten your user ID and password.....'s fairly brutal to navigate to finally coming up with a path to sending your user ID to your email. Basically - you have to try to post a new thread or reply/quote an existing thread to access the 'forgot password?' link. That's hardly intuitive. There should be a 'Forgot User ID or...
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    Whats your occupation?

    Sales - of chemistry and material lab instrumentation. Non-medical tho...unless you consider pharmaceutical Mfrs and rat/rodent bone researchers. ;)
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    Don't EVER let your teenage kid borrow your car.

    Hey! It's the Biebster!
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    Look What I Saw!

    BUG-eyes...ver....own!!! Admire it. Respect it. But frankly? A 'performer' for the masses, like a GTI, will ALWAYS garner more respect in my eyes. Almost ANYONE can design and build a successful performance car for the $ 2.5 Million cost of entry crowd. (OK - that's not QUITE true...
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    Cleveland Auto Show - no R!!!!???!!!

    Unreal. You'd think in 'lake effect snow' country, VW would've brought in at least one R for display at the CLE auto show, right? Nope. They had a $34k GTI Autobahn; a GLI; 3 or 4 Beetles (one was a convertible TDI - wayy cool actually); a Passat TDI 6M (WAYY cool - I'd LOVE to have that as a...
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    FEELER: Trade Mk6 GTI 6MT for DSG

    I would NEVER trade a 6M for a DSG. But that's the drummer in me. If both legs and both arms aren't involved in the drive? It's not worth it. ;)
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    2013 Tiguan or Honda CR-V

    I understand. I guess I'd say if you have to 'settle' for a compromise, you'd might as well save your $$ and enjoy your GTI that much more when you're in it. I TOTALLY get it. I drive a company car - a Highlander - that is very serviceable and reliable. But I can't wait to get away from it...
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    2013 Tiguan or Honda CR-V

    I'm struggling to wrap my mind around the 'fun' factor when talking about either a CRV or a Tiguan. Mrs. NEOH and I drove the Tiguan when we bought the GTI for her back in '10 and, frankly, neither one of us thought it was all that much 'fun' to drive. Nice? Absolutely. But nevertheless...
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    Off-Topic Thread #3

    Thank you. Thank you all. We set the appt for tomorrow noon. The vet prefers to do it during 'quiet' times so we don't have to put up with a bunch of foot traffic coming in and out. Mixed feelings - thankful and glad he'll finally be out of pain, but still torn up by the thought of it.
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    Off-Topic Thread #3

    Thank you, 09. Gotta admit...this sucks.
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    Off-Topic Thread #3

    You folks with the dog posts are killing me. Seriously. I've been sleeping on the couch for more than the last three-plus weeks since our 11 yr-old grey was diagnosed with osteo-sarcoma (we already lost our 12 yr-old female last June due to simple 'old age'). OS is a death sentence for a...
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    What are you listening to?

    Steely Dan. On continual shuffle. IMHO, not much sounds better through BT and the GTI sound system...
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    Any Howard Stern fans/haters?

    I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. (NTTAWWT) ;) I actually had a fairly negative view of her music prior to that. Changed me around 180 degrees.
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    Any Howard Stern fans/haters?

    I can still remember the feeling and my thoughts upon hearing it live when she first did it. It gave me chills. I've played in several gigging bands over the years and can honestly say - anyone who can do justice to a song/performance like that being totally solo - no band, no backing...
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    Off-Topic Thread #3

    Mrs. NEOH just bought a 2012 Si in the late summer. It somehow managed to escape the lion's share of criticism the rest of the 2012 lineup suffered. The 2.4L has tons more useable power and torque lower in the band, even if it's at a modest expense of the rev-happy top end. Not everyone wants...