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    NJ area Looking to buy mk6 or mk7

    Not sure if you're still looking, but I posted this today:
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    SOLD: 2010 GTI DSG 2-Door CSG, APR Stage 1, only 51K miles on Long Island - $12K

    SOLD! Selling my very clean 2010 VW GTI 2-door w/DSG and only 51,300 miles, located on Long Island for $12,000. Two owners, no accidents and never smoked in. I have owned this car since July 2017. Carbon Steel Gray with Interlagos cloth interior. Sunroof, 18” Detroit rims, heated seats and...
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    Sunroof Motor Wires Frayed

    My sunroof stopped working on my MK6 GTI, so I changed the switch and motor today. When I went to take the motor out, the wires between the motor and switch were completed frayed (see attached picture). Any idea how this could have happened in my ceiling? Fortunately the new switch and motor...
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    Replacement Headliner for MK6 GTI on Long Island

    Here are some pics. The sunroof shade was not done but you wouldn’t know as the color matches very well.
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    Replacement Headliner for MK6 GTI on Long Island

    For anyone on Long Island with a sagging headliner, I just had mine replaced at Phoenix Upholstery in Franklin Square for $500. All done in one day and James was a really nice guy to work with.
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    At a loss... help!

    Assuming the basics are in order as others have said, in my experience best bang for the buck is a cold air intake and Stage 1 tune. Just did both to my MK6 Golf R for just a bit over $1K. Money very well spent. You may need new plugs and coils once you do that depending on when they were last...
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    Carbon cleaning?

    Shop sent me some before and after shots of the cleaning:
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    IE tune

    I have Stage 1 w/Intake tunes from both IE and APR. Hard to compare because the IE tune is on an MK6 Golf R 6MT and the APR tune is on an MK6 GTI DSG. That said I love them both. Both have completely transformed the cars for the better. Going forward I will stick with IE because I already have...
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    Official Integrated Engineering Golf R Performance Products Thread

    After having my MK6 Golf R for a few months, I was underwhelmed by the power and decided to install in IE cold air intake and Stage 1 tune. I also have an MK6 GTI that I had an APR intake and Stage 1 tune installed in about 3 years ago. For the Golf R, I did not want to deal with the hassle of...
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    Carbon cleaning?

    I am getting a walnut blast next week on an MK6 GTI. They are cleaning the injectors, replacing the seals and reusing them. I agree that the injectors are too expensive to just replace because you’re in there if there’s nothing wrong with them. Total cost about US$600.
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    Nassau county suspension work recommendations

    Ryan at RCT Performance in Westbury is great for suspension work.