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    Replacement Headliner for MK6 GTI on Long Island

    Here are some pics. The sunroof shade was not done but you wouldn’t know as the color matches very well.
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    Replacement Headliner for MK6 GTI on Long Island

    For anyone on Long Island with a sagging headliner, I just had mine replaced at Phoenix Upholstery in Franklin Square for $500. All done in one day and James was a really nice guy to work with.
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    At a loss... help!

    Assuming the basics are in order as others have said, in my experience best bang for the buck is a cold air intake and Stage 1 tune. Just did both to my MK6 Golf R for just a bit over $1K. Money very well spent. You may need new plugs and coils once you do that depending on when they were last...
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    Carbon cleaning?

    Shop sent me some before and after shots of the cleaning:
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    IE tune

    I have Stage 1 w/Intake tunes from both IE and APR. Hard to compare because the IE tune is on an MK6 Golf R 6MT and the APR tune is on an MK6 GTI DSG. That said I love them both. Both have completely transformed the cars for the better. Going forward I will stick with IE because I already have...
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    Official Integrated Engineering Golf R Performance Products Thread

    After having my MK6 Golf R for a few months, I was underwhelmed by the power and decided to install in IE cold air intake and Stage 1 tune. I also have an MK6 GTI that I had an APR intake and Stage 1 tune installed in about 3 years ago. For the Golf R, I did not want to deal with the hassle of...
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    Carbon cleaning?

    I am getting a walnut blast next week on an MK6 GTI. They are cleaning the injectors, replacing the seals and reusing them. I agree that the injectors are too expensive to just replace because you’re in there if there’s nothing wrong with them. Total cost about US$600.
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    Nassau county suspension work recommendations

    Ryan at RCT Performance in Westbury is great for suspension work.