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    understanding 1K, 1KE, 5K and etc?

    hi all, I just would like to ask what all the codes mean? and where to find my actual vehicle code? I have a 2013 Golf TDI, what type is it? and what code does it have? Cxxx?? how does it compare to european models and parts compatibility? thank you all for your help!
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    any shops and retrofitters in King of Prussia PA area?

    hi all, anyone in this area? looking for help and guidance for 2013 Golf TDI i would want to retrofit with OEM upgrades and would like to change wheels and etc, have questions am car newbie. (not very knowledgeable) thank you all for your help.
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    2013 Golf TDI owner

    hi all, completely new to the Golf MK6 now, and was wondering the following and if you can all point into the right direction kindly. 1) want to retrofit with Bi-Xenon and DRL lights front 2) same time change to Auto-Lights on switch and etc. 3) retrofit rear LED lights newer style maybe? 4)...