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  • I was wondering how much shipping would cost me for the Austin wheels. My zip code is 20121. Thanks.
    Hey Sno I would like to get the friends and family price on a new GTI. My email is Thanks Jim
    I have a 2013 GTi lowered on Koni CO. Looking at upgrading, would like to have your input.

    Thank you,
    Hey man, how have you been? I just moved to northville so I figured I'd check in and see what's up. Are you still down for doing that timing belt and tune?
    btw dan, didnt know if you still wanted those coils...not sure if I received your response?
    Hey Dan Its Rich from up in Hartland. I know we havent talked in ages but i finally got my GTI. I found a corporate lease turn in with 3700 miles on it. Could'nt pass it up. Its a 2 door DSG in carbon steel with sunroof detroits and thats about it. Was thinking about just doing a magnaflow and a carbonio intake for my mods. Are you happy with the magnaflow and is there alot of highway drone or is it acceptable. Ill talk to ya man or maybe see ya on M-59
    with the noise pipe delete, does the this work tsi and fsi or no, i just noticed now that you're tsi. thanks man
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