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  • Could you recommend me a good online website to pick one of these up from because it is impossible for me to find one.
    Hello! I apologize to bother you out of no where and not sure but I saw your name recommended in a post so I figured I give this a shot! So I have a 2014 Volkswagen GTI (CBFA Engine code) and I am in need of a downpipe thats really cheap but very reliable such as the "Godspeed" bran i've seen your name mentioned in. If this does not sound familiar at all I apologize for the inconvenience just in need of quick help! I appreciate it thanks!
    Hell yes do it as long as it's through the right dealership.
    I got a great deal for $1250 for 80k mile or 8 years warranty through VWOA.

    It already paid off on my last visit. It's a bit different since they need to call in ever repair but shoot it saved my butt. Plus I'm modded with a Frankenturbo. They had no problem doing warranty work.

    The only thing they warned me about and to be careful is if I had to say replace the entire engine or transmission for some reason they may send out an adjuster to inspect the car and that much would probably be denied.
    Can you please gimmie some info on this or a phone # to call that is a great deal
    hey, i read on the forum that you have a godspeed dp modified to fit your cbfa mk6 gti!

    Can you please give me the name of the muffler shop you went to to have everything done and describe your experience with the godspeed pipe to me? I'm in the market for a downpipe and i'm not sure what to get, the godspeed and modify it or a spm track edition downpipe.

    Thank you for your time!
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