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    Golf Mk6 TDI Differential Pressure Sensor

    Did you ever get this sorted? I didn't realise i had these replies until I just logged in? Apologies. I can't remember off the top of my head but if you PM me the list of adaptations I am sure I can help.
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    Fog Lights and CCM

    Hello all I am hoping someone can help me. Can anyone with a golf MK6, fog lights and VCDS please provide me with the part number of their CCM/CECM? I have retrofitted fog lights and they don't work, so I have made the assumption that the module requires updating, but want to make sure first...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    I did the same thing but i chopped a little block out of the MDI block at the top and the bottom of it and installed a USB port inside. The cable is routed through the centre console up to my head unit as the USB cable it came with is really short and cannot be detached from the unit. The USB...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    It wasn't something which I did today......but I added a Fakra to GT5 adapter to my head unit's GPS connection. Basically I changed head unit from RNS510 to a Kenwood DNX525DAB. I didn't want to use the GPS receiver that came with the unit, so this adapter lets me utilise the factory antenna...
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    RNS 510 EU 1T0035680D + B/T Module 7P6035730B + MDI armrest connection 5N0 035 342 C

    As in the title RNS 510 european + bluetooth module + MDI armrest connection removed from a 2010 Golf TDi Match. Would prefer to sell as a package together. £450
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    Golf Mk6 TDI Differential Pressure Sensor

    Hi Guys, I need help please:confused:. I am trying to locate a DIY in order to change my DPF's differential pressure sensor, however I am unable to locate one. The Engine Management Light is currently on in my 2010 Golf Match 1.6 TDI 105ps CAYC, with the Glow Plug/Coil light flashing...
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    Kenwood DNX525DAB replacing RNS510

    Has anyone ever replaced their RNS510 with a Kenwood DNX525DAB? I am thinking about replacing my 510 as I want to finish my ICE install, however there are a few questions I want to know before I take the plunge. My MK6 is the Match model. It came with the RNS 510, MFSW bluetooth and highline...
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    5 speed to 6 speed gearbox upgrade

    Hey guys 2nd thread now (on a roll today - I should be working really :word:) Anyway - I have just had a moment. Albeit may be a stupid one, however do you think it is possible to upgrade the standard 5 speed gearbox found in 1.6 tdi's to the 6 speed one found in the 2.0 tdi's, with a recode...
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    Aftermarket GTi style valance on TDi single pipe

    Hi all Am new to the forum and just wanted to get a bit of help as I have searched and searched and cannot seem to find anyone who has done this (or I am not looking in the right places). I recently bought this item from eBay...