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    counterfeit G052171A2 6MT oil .... beware of

    I see what you mean, you got two 2014s, thought you had two 2018s. Clearly there was something weird about the one, misfilled, mislabeled, or something, but again, doesn't matter because it should have been pulled for expiration date. If they had pulled it for the expiration you never would...
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    counterfeit G052171A2 6MT oil .... beware of

    Or more likely they just didn't inventory and dispose accuratly. It's someones job to track inventory that expires and throw away. Clearly somoeone didn't catch these. Parts pullers doubtfully look at date codes. Still, you would think they would offer a refund.
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    Ultimately this is often my recommendation for final decision on tunes; proximity. I don't care how good the numbers they post are or ad campaign, if the closest tuner is hours away from you it will be a PITA if you ever need support. You never know when you might need an updated file, or add...
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    Diverter valve possibly whistling?

    It could also just be the intake because I have been chasing the DV pony a while and still whistle down the road like an old cowboy. LOL Also, FYI, the TurboSmart throws soft codes for voltage signal, no CEL, but it stores a code error for implausible signal.
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    Thumper's 2012 Stg 3 Golf R - The Defiant

    Long time no update, winter and only a 1 car garage really put the pause on a bunch of projects. Did an oil change yesterday, starting my oil testing to find a replacement for Castrol as documented here I'm Bored, let's fight aboout oil. First up is LiquiMoly Molygen, really does make you stop...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Swapped out my IC output hose and did an oil change with LiqiMoly, man that stuff is green. lol Also, this is what my oil filter looked like after 3200 miles. Was a bit deformed last couple of changes as well...... Ordered both IC hoses and TB pipe a while ago to upgrade and hopefully...
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    MK6 quirks

    Aw, come be fair not just a MK6 quirk, the A4s had the same issue. LOL Yeah, having a camshaft replacement schedule is pretty intense. 35k service - oil change, service spark plugs, inspect CV joints...........oh...and replace camshafts. :ROFLMAO: I got one, just reminded...
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    Official Golf Recipe Thread - It's Getting Hot In Herre!!!

    Back when we were doing Hello Fresh they had a Sweedish Meatloaf recipe that did the same thing! You made two individual loafs but yeah, just form the loaf shape and bake on a sheet. Never thought to try it with a full size meatloaf.
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    Cost of new engine

    Maybe it's free shipping? LMAO
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    Engine oil recommendations

    Oh, the Gold ones take a different spec........ ;);) Make sure whatever you use says VW 502 or 504 for specification. That is the factory spec, the weight (viscosity) can be different based on climate and usage but that specification is a must.
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    Engine won’t start randomly

    Fuel filter changed? Although that would normally be an issue at cold start I think. Doubt it would be glow plugs for a warm start situation, I mean all they have to do is get hot, if you've been driving it they are that already. And again, there would be a code if they were not operating...
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    I'd agree except for the coils and plugs, I consider those a requirement. Charge and discharge pipe would be a close second, not 'required' but....come on, just do it, not costly or hard and just makes sense. Well, that's only assuming he's going to the track or he's a street racer. Doesn't...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Why'd they leave the door mirror on? lol Now you better hand wash and take care of that thing after this!. :)
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    EPC light after chain service?

    This. We could guess all day long, numerous things it could be.
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    Have been using the M&P 9c for several years in a N82 holster at about 4 Oclock, and have been mostly happy except I can't wear it when driving the TTRS because the holster damages the seat bolster. It was a good blend of size and capacity. I have a Springfield XD-S 3.3 with an AlienGear...