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    My R is now a DUMP TRUCK after SB Stage 2 Daily...

    Getting the stock downpipe out is kind of a bitch because it's all one piece from the turbo to the catback - you'll have to disconnect the front end of the propshaft, so make sure you have new bolts for that too. getting the new one in isn't too bad. Just make sure after putting the new downpipe...
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    mk6 r and mk6 gti engine

    Two different engine families - R is EA113, GTI is EA888. If you need to replace your R engine, get one out of a Mk5 GTI and swap over the turbo, injectors, etc.
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    My R is now a DUMP TRUCK after SB Stage 2 Daily...

    Welcome to life with a lightweight flywheel. A Fluidampr will help smooth out some of the vibrations, but you're stuck with the rattle.
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    USB-C passthrough?

    Does anyone make a USB-C port to fit the row of blank spaces in front of the shifter? Double Apex doesn't show one on their site (I'm not even sure they're still in business) and I couldn't find anything on Aliexpress. Are there any other options?
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    Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT

    OK, I was mistaken - it costs €3916.66 ($4655) to get one shipped to the US, including a €750 core charge.
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    Choosing the right sparkplugs for your R

    It's worth mentioning that if your car is tuned, you should check with your tuner to see what they spec. For example, IE specs BKR7EIX gapped to .027", APR specs BKR8 at .024", and UM calls for BKR7 or 8 gapped way down to .019". For reducing the gap, I find that one of these spark plug tools...
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    2012 Golf R no acceleration

    If that happened all at once, probably either a wiring harness got chewed by a varmint or the ECU failed.
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    Am I going to create an inspection window in my block

    That's about a stage 1 tune. The data log reads total pressure, so you need to subract 1 bar for atmospheric pressure, and that gives you total boost. So you're peaking at 1.8 bar and tapering to 1.5. 1 bar is 14.7psi, so multiply by that to get a peak of 26psi that tapers to 22, which sounds...
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    Double sided stud location

    On my R, the double stud bolt is either the upper starter mount or one of the engine mount-to-body bolts. The two bolts with socket heads look like transmission-to-engine bolts, so if they all came off together it's probably for the starter.
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    Short Shifter Question

    I think the notchiness complaints with the dieselgeek come from people not getting the adjustment dialed in - it can be kind of a bitch to get it right, but it's really smooth and nice with positive engagement if you take the time to do it. I had a Neuspeed shifter (same basic design as the...
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    New APR Ignition Coils are Here! Plug and Play, Multiple Colors, 10% More Spark Energy!

    Honestly, the fact that they're just over half the current price of OEM red tops is going to move more units than anything else you can do.
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    Turbo repair/mild upgrade

    I just wanted to share a good experience I recently had with a company/product that a lot of people on the forums don't seem to be aware of. At around 165k miles, my turbo started sounding like a dentist's drill, so it was time for replacement. I'm already stage 2, so I didn't want to re-buy a...
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    If you didn't already know, you can download every factory manual for your car for $35.

    Anyone can set up an erWin account, and they have an option for a one-day subscription that includes unlimited viewing/printing rights for $35. Once you get set up and buy the subscription, just search your VIN, open the document you want, and select 'print to PDF' as your printer to save it to...
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    Squeaky Clutch Pedal?

    I used this guide - I know that website is kind of a mess, but the guide itself really helpful. I didn't take any pictures, but I'll add my own notes: Have a small catch can and some rags ready for fluid spill management. You don't want that stuff sitting on the paint. Pay close attention...
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    Squeaky Clutch Pedal?

    Figured I'd resurrect an old thread and share my experience with this. I had the same issue with a squeaky pedal, especially in warm weather, and I finally got sick enough of it to fix it. I pulled the pivot bolt out and greased it liberally inside and out, and it didn't help. It seemed like it...