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    DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press

    I used 1K0199231K and 1K0199232K - fitments guides say they're for an A3. Does the TT bracket not bolt up, or is it an alignment change?
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    DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press

    Is there a reason you shouldn't use the RS3 bracket in a Golf? I've been running them in my R for a few miles now and everything seems ok. I'm wondering if I should replace them though.
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    MK6 R, Factory intake box, Is something missing here?

    It appears to be a drain, or maybe a vent to get hot air from the exhaust to help with cold start? My stock intake has it, too.
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    Official APEX VW VS-5RS Forged 17" Wheel Thread

    What price point are we looking at, and where are they manufactured?
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    Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT

    My issues were down to the installation, and the current vibration seems to be unrelated (it's through the steering wheel) - I'm happy with the rear LSD so far. Now that I've been able to push it a little bit, the car does seem to track better in cornering, especially accelerating out of a...
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    Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT

    I got it back into the shop to make the adjustment. The noise and vibration from the rear are gone and it drives smooth around town, but now I have a vibration through the steering wheel above 70mph. Guessing that's a separate issue, but's frustrating.
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    Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT

    Nope, the vibration was just softer on summers, it's still there. I got under the car to take a look, and it turns out the shop installed the rear propshaft coupler incorrectly, so it's out of position and causing issues. I'll get that fixed and see how it goes.
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    No boost, no codes.

    Did you replace the manifold and turbine housing, or just the gasket? If you replaced the manifold, did you verify that the turbo spins freely in it?
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    Broken Golf R

    You can test it by bracing the turbo inlet hose with a hose clamp. If that fixes the issue, email IE and they'll send you a revised hose for free if you're the original purchaser or for $20 if you're not. A slipping clutch will make it pull throttle a bit, it won't go into limp mode.
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    I'm done with ECS

    Who is "us"?
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    I'm done with ECS

    Or at least from retail outlets who don't have their heads up their asses. But yeah, if anything on a retailer's website says 'direct ship' or 'drop ship' instead of 'in stock', it all comes from the manufacturer anyway. Just order it from them.
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    2022 Formula 1 Season

    I wonder if they saw how slow Mercedes is trying to fix it, and decided it's best to just bank the points while they can. I wouldn't be surprised if the Merc is monstrously quick once they get on top of the issue.
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    I'm done with ECS

    Yeah they were $700 for a long time and I thought that was ridiculous. I paid $500 shipped on vortex for mine back in 2017. Maybe now is the time to sell them. :ROFLMAO:
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    My R is now a Supra??

    Nope, just "we don't touch the DV". If that's true, then I don't know why it wouldn't open in normal driving. It did the same thing with a new OEM DV, a Turbosmart, and a DV+, so it's definitely something with the tune. With UM software I get the 'pssshhh' sound that you would expect.
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    Down pipe, flex pipe failure....

    I've always hated these woven flex pipe sections. In case anyone didn't know, you can buy the OEM style accordion flex sections as a replacement. For example