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    Jewfro's NA Miata

    I like the build so far, dont have my GTI any more but hopefully getting an R in the next few months (either R or a3 quattro) I did pick up a NA miata a few months ago, have gone to a few Auto-x with it so far and love it Flyin Miata V-Maxx coilover FM frame rail braces DIY autotune ms3x ecu...
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    b5 S4 Avant vs mkiv r32

    I have read the 2.7l can be a money pit to maintain, but I do love the wagon and have always loved the power from them once tuned...but I also love the r32 and the hatch and it should be easier to maintain What are some thoughts/opinions from you guys, this will be a daily driver
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    FS: 2010 CW GTI 6 spd, 2 door, Bi-Xenon, Sunroof

    For sale is my 2010 GTI asking $21,500 ***SOLD*** - 23,750 miles - 2 door - 6 speed manual transmission - Bi-Xenon headlamps - Sunroof - RCD-510 stereo - PA inspection until 4/2012 - Cloth interior Aftermarket: (Prices paid) - Fully loaded APR stage 2 flash ($690) - Ultimate Racing downpipe...
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    Euro89's car in Ebay add? Did someone use euro89's car for their advertisement? Or did you know...
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    VW Temporary Auto Pilot

    pretty cool stuff....
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    Color Matched Bumper Insert

    Just got my bumper insert back on the car, I think it looks great and can't wait to get the grille back from the body shop
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    Sub-frame Bracing, Chassis Stiffening

    I was searching vortex for UNIbrace threads when someone mentioned Ultra Racing, I checked out there stuff, seems interesting, anyone have any experience with their parts? Link to the website I found selling the stuff...
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    New Generation Tyres

    bfgoodrich I believe, they have been testing/showing them for at least 5 years now from what I can remember
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    Polo R WRC I guess they like your link more than mine haha...but I do love this car
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    Polo R WRC

    Polo R for WRC Looks pretty awesome, I would love a polo r for sure
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    My blog Check it out, just pictures, I will update it twice a day with new cartoons
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    I need as many opinions as possible.

    I don't know if this will be any help but there was a system for my 600rr made by Bazzaz, instead of the standard Dynojet Power commander which would have a tune already installed on it, that would be self adjusting similar to what you are talking. I know that had no turbo involved with it but...
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    Data Logging (non-vagcom)

    I am using the Torque android app, when I log data it just gives it to me as a CSV file (Excel), I am looking for some help on what values to plot to give me a better understanding of how my engine is performing (load vs mass air flow?) I want to be able to establish some base lines for future...
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    Audi to reveal new A3-based sedan concept at Geneva auto show

    looks like a stretched tt almost, but I like it