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    Unusual electrical issues

    This is what we are going to check first on the MK6 with the same issue. The previous owner said his son replaced the subs then this steering wheel light occasionally lit. Hope to finish installing the new rotors and fuel wheels on the truck soon so we can take a closer look before weekend.
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Well done on cleaning.
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    Shocks replacement

    How's the level now? I believe too it will take some time for the new shocks to settle. My friend planning to get new shocks for the GTi after we finish the last mods on the truck including the suspension and new tires from 4Wheelonline this weekend. We'll see if the level will also be affected.
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    They are both adorable!
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    New Golf VI owner (photos inside)

    That's one reliable ride!
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    MK6 GTI - The "Huckleberry" edition

    That's one interesting project!
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    Ricer Spotted Thread

    Lol. It kinda hurt my eyes.
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    my mk6

    I like the looks! Nice fender flares
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    My Golf mk6 GTD

    Neat ride, man! Nice
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    17x8 fitment on a non lowered Golf 2.5

    Great to heat that size of wheels can fit on a lowered Golf 2.5. My buddy recently acquired a 2.5 and it is due for a new set of tires so he ordered a set from 4Wheelonline and he thought to get a new set of wheels as well.
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    broke college kids build

    Great plans for that nice ride! Enjoy
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    Bad axles?

    So did you replaced the axles? We'll be working on buddy's incoming MK6 project after we finished installing the backrack and tonneau covers on the truck this week end clear the garage. The car is also having intermittent rattle issues, especially on humps and potholes.
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    Any here into retro gaming?

    Missed the old days playing CS with friends against another team.
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    Any here into retro gaming?

    Nice arcade games!