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    Anyone run multiple K04 tunes???

    Do you know when the APR3.2 k04 file was released and how it is different than the 3.1 file?
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    Where in the 91789 zip Diamond Bar area could I get a good alignment even if it requires subframe adjustment ? I would prefer and independent to a VW dealer. My car is a MK6 lowered on coilovers. TIA
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    SOLD HOTCHKIS 27MM REAR SWAY BAR fits GTI MK6 & MK5 Price is $175 plus shipping from 91789 Offers definite track and autocross advantage over stock sway bar package. Adjustable rear bar allows suspension to be finely tuned for optimum handling balance. Critical for front wheel drive...
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    Podi gage?????

    Has anyone been able to get a response from Podi lately? I have sent several emails to and to Winston and no reply. I have an intermittent problem with the Podi gage I purchased new from Podi. It has been malfunctioning for some time now and it would be nice if they listed a...
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    Carbino intake stage 1

    For sale a carbino intake stage 1 with a near new ( less than 300 miles) AEM high flow dry filter which eliminates the oil from getting on the MAF sensor. Price is $225 plus shipping from 91789.
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    Where to buy M1 methanol

    I am in SoCal with 91789 zip code ( Diamond Bar area) and want to buy 5-10 gallons of M1 methanol. I used to drive to Downey to buy at So-Cal race Fuels but the last few times I have called they are out of methanol. Any one have any suggestions on where to buy M1 methanol in my area. BTW last...
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    OEM injector failure after running the APR 3.1 100 octane file?

    I know it could be unrelated but has anyone experience OEM injector failure after running the APR 3.1 100 octane file. I went from APR stage II 100 octane file to APR 3.1 100 octane file and aprox 1200 miles later 3 & 4 injectors have failed. ( stuck open ) Both APR files ran great and had no...
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    SPM exhaust reducer elbow $40

    SPM exhaust reducer elbow. Price is $40 plus shipping from 91789.
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    Neuspeed TOP $110

    Neuspeed TOP for IHI turbo. Price $110 plus shipping from 91789
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    OEM I/C $75

    Oem I/C remove at 29,000 miles. Price $75 plus shipping from 91789
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    OEM Diff 02Q 6 seed manual $200

    Oem diff from 02Q (MK6 GTI) 6 speed manual. Remove at 29,000 miles to intstall Wavetrac while going K04. Price reduced to $100 plus shipping from 91789.
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    OEM clutch,pressure plate and D/M F/W $300

    Stock OEM Clutch, pressure plate, and Dual mass flywheel fits O2Q (MK6 GTI) 6 speed manual trans. Clutch remove when K04 was installed (29,000 miles). Price $300 plus shipping from 91789
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    Stock OEM clutch and D/M F/W $300

    Moved to correct section.
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    OEM IHI stock Turbo $250

    Oem IHI stock turbo removed at 29,000 miles to go K04. Price $250 plus shipping from 91789. [/URL][/IMG]
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    Emotorsusa I/C $150

    I have a Emotorsusa I/C for sale. I never installed it but it was pressure checked it and it was good. The I/C is bowed some across the length but I do not know if that will cause issues with install or not. Selling as is and asking $150 plus shipping or best offer. I am in the Diamond Bar area...