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    HPA K04 Kit BNiB

    So I won a HPA K04 kit, I'm already on a CTS K04. HPA kit is BNiB $1200 + shipping and its yours! Thanks Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Cobb AP

    Cobb AP, 575$ shipped. Going K04 and already got my Stage 2+. Comes w/ case,faceplates,cables,mount etc. Thanks,
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    LED taillight coding.

    Hello, I've searched quite a few threads, but as I am using XtoolVAG401, my steps are a bit different. I have found my long code: 6F180A1A90272A04008800C17000054448010386434D8D60648020200040 Seperating it out means byte 18 reads "01" , so according to the information I have been able to...
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    K04 vs F23T

    OK so in the next 90 days I will be choosing my new turbo. I'm deadlocked between the CTS K04 kit, or F23T from Frankenturbo. I would like anyone with 1st hand experience of either. I'm not looking to start any bashing,flaming, etc.. Just want the facts. Thanks in advance! Matt
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    MD (Owings Mills/Westminster) VAG-COM

    Just wondering if anyone in the area has VAG-COM, I'm just looking to code out the bulb error from my tail lights, and if possible the bulb out error for my LED fogs (R Bumper Conversion). Be willing to toss someone a $20 to make this happen! Thanks,