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    Washer fluid spraying from bumper caps-WTF

    2012 Golf R. Driving home last night I pulled the wiper stock to clean my windshield and washer fluid sprayed out from the headlight washer bumper cap. How is that even possible? I thought NA models were void of the guts for the headlight washer system?????? Yes I'm sure it's coming from the...
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    Haldex = Helldex

    So I've read. I'm seriously considering a 2012 Golf R but I'm concerned about the Haldex. Can anyone give me any insight as to why some refer to the haldex as the Helldex? Thanks in advance.
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    Should I get a Golf R

    I'm in Canada so all monetary amounts are in Canadian dollars. Dealership has a 2012 Golf R and they are asking $30,995 for it. It has 36,000 kms/22,369 miles on it. It was registered for the first time in April of 2012 so who ever had it drove roughly 7,500 kms/4660 miles a year. Yes this is...
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    Clutch in the MKVII 1.8TSI

    Thinking about getting a VW wagon with the 1.8 TSI with manual transmission. I'm wondering if I'm going to have the same head ache with the 1.8 as I did with my 2012 GTI - slipping clutch with Stage II. My plan is only to go to Stage I with this car as most of my driving is around town...
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    Oem LED back to stock tails. Vag com?

    I'm putting my factory tail lights and OEM switch back on my car. Will I need to revers vag com or can I simply just put them back in.?
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    GTI Euro Springs

    Anyone know where to buy these? I am currently on DG springs but don't like the front rake and they are too low for my taste.
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    GTI Euro springs.

    Does anyone here know where to buy them? I'm currently running DG springs but I don't like the front rake and even they are too low for my taste.
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    Minimum lowering

    Other then DG springs which I currently have on my car, what is the next best spring to achieve minimum lowering? I'd like to get rid of the front rake the DG springs give. Is there something I can do with the front to raise it slightly?
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    RSB clunk solved.

    LMFAO. Loosened the RSB brackets, squirted a bunch of lube on the "maintenance free" urethane bushings and the clunk is gone????
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    Replacing RSB on ramps?

    Can I replace my rear sway bar while the car is on ramps or does it need to be on jack stands?
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    Rear clunk over bumbs-RSB

    I have H&R 26mm front SB and 22mm RSB. I'm having a clunk from the rear since I installed them. Since factory for the GTI is 23,6mm Front and 21,7mm rear, is there any reason not to reinstall the factory RSB while keeping the H&R front one in. THIS WOULD ONLY BE FOR TROUBLE SHOOTING PURPOSES...
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    Rolling front fenders

    I've done the fender screw mod but I'm still rubbing on my front fender. Is there anything I need to know about rolling fenders. I'm going to have a shop do it for me so it's not a case of DIY. Just wondering if there are any negatives to doing this? OR I put factory springs back in as I'm not...
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    Minimum Lowering

    I'm trying to lower my car just enough to get rid of the gap. I'm currently on DG springs which seem to lower the car about an inch but I'm not happy with having to do the fender screw mod to the clear my 225/35/19 on ET 45 RSe 14s. Is there a spring out there that will lower the car less? I...
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    Do they make this in house or is it a rebranded SPM?