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    The Official Driver Gear/VWR Spring Thread

    I just installed VWR springs last weekend and went with B4's. Rides almost as smooth as stock.
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    ** Have a Golf 2.5L and want to Mod it? Click Here **

    The GTI setup was great. I had both swaybars from the GTI as well so I am not sure how just shocks and springs are alone. As for the axle clamps, I believe they are talking about the clamp that holds the shock body on the front spindles. They are the same on all of the golf models. Look at...
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    ** Have a Golf 2.5L and want to Mod it? Click Here **

    The GTI springs, struts, mounts and bearings will fit the 2.5L. I had all of the above on my 2012 2.5L which came straight from a 2012 GTI. It is my understanding anything aftermarket for the GTI should also fit.
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    What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?

    Installed VWR springs, B4 shocks and dogbone mount and insert. Didn't get to install the rear swaybar as I lent the triple square required for the job to a friend to pull his intake manifold. I forgot what a pain doing the suspension is. But it rides great and sits at the perfect height for...
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    VWR springs on the 2.5L?

    I have the rear swaybar already as well but I didn't want to go as big as a 27mm. I am going with a 25mm rear sway bar leaving the front stock initially. If I am not happy with it I will do the front and may bump them both to 27mm. We'll see. I already got B4's and VWR springs. I kept my...
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    VWR springs on the 2.5L?

    I sold my 2.5L with the GTI suspension and have a new 2.5L that I am setting up. I wanted this golf to sit a little lower than the old one but not much and didn't want to make the setup too aggressive as this is my daily driver and roads are harsh, and getting harsher, in my neck of the woods...
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    What oil weight do you guys use?

    Castrol 5w40 for me. If the car is using oil move to 10w40 and it should help a little. I don't think there is a VW 502/504 spec oil in that weight but not sure it really matters with a high mileage car that's out of warranty. Just make sure your using full synthetic.
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    VWR springs on the 2.5L?

    Anyone running these on their 2.5L?
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    Catch Cans

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I don't get notifications. The vent to atmosphere is a mess and that little filter gets clogged up pretty fast and blows oil everwhere. Also you can just pop a filter on the barb end of a closed can with in/out hoses so it can be used in both ways whereas a vent...
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    What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?

    That's my next venture. My clutch is due. Headliner is also coming out soon.
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    All quiet on the 2.5L front

    Ya. OC is nice. Been riding the motorcycle most days except for the occasional ride down to the store in the 2.5L.
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    What broke on your 2.5 since you own it?

    Ya I had my front left wheel bearing go at 100k miles.
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    All quiet on the 2.5L front

    Agreed. I pop in from time to time but I haven't done anything with the car since removing all the IE stuff. Got the car smogged the other day. It took 10 minutes and I didn't have to lift a finger. Well actually I had to lift my finger to point at the C.A.R.B sticker on the P-flow. Also...
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    Parking brake adjustment

    Hmm. That's a bummer. Worked like a charm for me and it's still 3 clicks tight even now.
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    EPC Light, CEL + no crank/no start

    I have to think it's something with the immobilizer or clutch switch or something ignition related if you get absolutely nothing when you turn the key. Even if you have the throttlebody unplughed it will try and start and a dead batter will give a faint click. Very few things will give you...