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    Volkswagen reveals the refreshed 2018 Golf

    I need me a DSG GTE. Probably the easiest, zippiest car to drive. Sounds nice.
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    FS: Winter wheel+tire+hardware set, $200 OBO

    SOLD Looking to unload my winter set. I picked up a new 18" summer set so my old 17" summer rims will take the winter tires this year. They're 16x7" steelies (5x112) with Michelin X-Ice XI2's. They've made it through 4 winters and easily have one more, two depending on how hard you drive or...
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    NIB Rev D DV

    $85 shipped. Just recuperating costs of troubleshooting my boost control issue ( I took this out of the box, installed it, confirmed over the course of 3 miles that my issue wasn't a bad DV, uninstalled it and put it back in the box...
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    Tesla Model 3

    Actually it is an issue. Tesla have abandoned plans to install a network of battery-swap stations due to data recieved from their pilot program. People don't use it. With it went their battery leasing program where you pay per mile or charge on the battery and Tesla will periodically swap your...
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    Tesla Model 3

    ^ I just talked to her about a leasing option. IMO you don't want to buy these cars outright. The batteries used in these are the same as laptop batteries. Although they will surely be treated better in the Tesla than they are in laptops, consider that in 10 years they'll likely need a new pack...
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    Tesla Model 3

    I love the look. Kind of like a bed sheet draped over a modern car. I do worry about stone chips on the front though.
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    Apparently my neighbors don't like VW's. . .

    This is still funny, 6mo later. DAS DORK WEENIE Sincerely, XGC75
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    Troubleshoot a boost control issue

    Lately I've been having an intermittent boost control issue. I have some ideas but want additional input. Symptom: 1) At part and constant throttle, boost builds steadily on its own before being released by a DV actuation. I'm guessing the DV actuation is a result of some safety measures...
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    #jay4prez Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Bot SPAM threads getting out of hand

    Several reasons for spam. First is exactly what we're talking about here: there's competition out there and no rules to keep spam out (or ways to identify where they come from for that matter. If you don't want to come around anymore because of the spam then you're more likely to click around in...
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    Bot SPAM threads getting out of hand

    Just looked at the timeline for the first time in a while. 8/10 posts are spam Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Squeaky shift lever

    When cold my shift lever has been a bit squeaky lately. It's come on in just the past couple months. It feels as though it's rubbing rubber against wet rubber or something. Typically takes 5 minutes to go away, I presume because of the temperature of something. In addition the gates have been...
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    It's Happening... Subaru STI to get new engine.

    Is anyone else lamenting the loss of ULHs? Are you able to retrofit them onto the FA? A turbo boxer with ELH sounds even worse than a turbo I4 IMO.
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    GK Goes JDM, Brah. Beats Worst Forum Member on Actually Getting a Car this Century

    Hhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggh Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Apparently my neighbors don't like VW's. . .

    I love that conservatives bring up Nazis all the time when they talk about socialism. Yes, the Nazis called themselves a socialist worker's party. We're they? No, they were the neo-conservatives of their time, so bigoted that they actually carried out their plans to curtail progressive social...