09 GTI


And if you weren't smart to begin with once that mask goes on you become mentally disabled.
Right.........spoon fed what they want you to believe directly from their website. Government 1, you 0
Mostly of the idea that if it wasn’t this it could have been anything else. When you’re pushing 85+ a strong wind could be the end for you, ask my grandma RIP.
Wow Zrick is very powerful then.
are we actually here now? the MOON LANDING??!
I have spent three days doing my own research and I have come to two conclusions. Zrickety is not far off the truth when it comes to the numbers related to COVID stats being a scam, I’m seeing his points and am starting to agree.
Download the link from the .gov I posted and look at it. Open with photoshop and see the layers. HATER
True ESP OFF on 08.5-11 cars:
Rebuild your GTI after timing failure for under $1k
2020- Math is an alternate reality.
2021- Hey 2020, hold my beer.


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