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  1. XGC75

    FS: Winter wheel+tire+hardware set, $200 OBO

    SOLD Looking to unload my winter set. I picked up a new 18" summer set so my old 17" summer rims will take the winter tires this year. They're 16x7" steelies (5x112) with Michelin X-Ice XI2's. They've made it through 4 winters and easily have one more, two depending on how hard you drive or...
  2. XGC75

    NIB Rev D DV

    $85 shipped. Just recuperating costs of troubleshooting my boost control issue ( I took this out of the box, installed it, confirmed over the course of 3 miles that my issue wasn't a bad DV, uninstalled it and put it back in the box...
  3. XGC75

    Troubleshoot a boost control issue

    Lately I've been having an intermittent boost control issue. I have some ideas but want additional input. Symptom: 1) At part and constant throttle, boost builds steadily on its own before being released by a DV actuation. I'm guessing the DV actuation is a result of some safety measures...
  4. XGC75

    Squeaky shift lever

    When cold my shift lever has been a bit squeaky lately. It's come on in just the past couple months. It feels as though it's rubbing rubber against wet rubber or something. Typically takes 5 minutes to go away, I presume because of the temperature of something. In addition the gates have been...
  5. XGC75


    Sick of the bare steelies look in the winter. Recommend some hubcaps. Hopefully there's something out there that's not heinous.
  6. XGC75

    VW gives a lesson in how to dissapoint automotive enthusiasts

    Step 1: Run your venerable hot-hatch around town but don't hide upgrades like the full roll cage to suggest weight savings, upgraded suspension bits, brakes and serious sport intentions Step 2: Announce a new Clubsport model of said hatch. In press release, only talk about power spec increase...
  7. XGC75

    Official Base Model Pony Car Rant Thread

    Let it flow.
  8. XGC75

    N75 plumbing for CTS k04 kit

    Anyone know what fittings came on CTS's compressor housing for the N75 plumbing? My housing has a couple M8 holes where the N75 vacuum system needs to be. I've tried a ton of different sources for M8 to 1/4" barb fittings without luck. MSC, McMaster Carr, home depot, Autozone and Ace Hardware...
  9. XGC75

    How about a mk7 R with 420 factory horsepower? Golf R420 announced

    Sounds like they got even more out of this engine than they last showed at Geneva.
  10. XGC75

    Does anybody else think their car feels more powerful after driving in a rainstorm?

    I don't make a habit of driving through heavy rain as I have an open filter intake fitted. Sometimes it just can't be avoided, though. The rain storm was yesterday. Today, the car feels a good 10hp up from this past month. It flies. Throttle response is awesome. The throttle it altogether more...
  11. XGC75

    Plastic intake manifold? Naw, plastic cylinder block is more like it!

    I, for one, welcome our carbon composite overlords.
  12. XGC75

    Michelin PSS performance in ...snow

    Yes, I drove my PSS through the snow. I'd installed them after a couple 55F days in MI when the weather looked to be above 50F for the next two weeks. Two weeks later and we're getting some lake-effect snow. :rolleyes: Fortunately I decided to work from home, but just for science I took the car...
  13. XGC75

    Anyone play Automation?

    Just got this game off Steam early-access. It's a car and engine design/tycoon game, in case you haven't heard of it. Really awesome in premise. Put a few hours into it so far. I'm still learning how the software works - being incomplete, there are some inconsistencies in the user experience...
  14. XGC75

    My turn for a "What car should I buy?" thread!

    My old ~250k mile '99 Passat 1.8T finally crawled to it's last mile yesterday. Now that my sister is out of a car, my family is trying to decide how to make up the gap. We could either buy my sister something cheap and reliable, manual, and practical; or we could buy my mother something...
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    FARD GT Wow.
  16. XGC75

    Cold-weather PSA: Your car will warm up faster if the HVAC heat is maxed out

    I just found this last night: At idle, the car will jump up from 750 to 850 RPM if your heat dial is maxed out. I need to investigate this a little further. For instance, does maxing out the temp dial alone cause the engine to run hotter? Or do you need the fan running as well? Does this happen...
  17. XGC75

    Revs do not drop steadily to idle

    Seeing some strange behavior. As I let off the gas out of gear the engine doesn't drop back to 750rpm smoothly, instead intermittently resting on about 1200rpm momentarily. Anybody seen similar behavior? I caught a few instances through torque. These are not captured simultaneously. The engine...
  18. XGC75

    The Humble Mechanic explains intake manifold and water pump failures on the TSI

    Check out this guy's takes on the intake manifold and water pump failures on the TSI. _DDb7ZQ0tlE yvfVUkuPY0k This guy is relatively new to the YouTube scene but he's already put out some excellent...
  19. XGC75

    ThatDudeInBlue drives a stage mk6 GTI

    Whose car is this? 2012 APR Tuned VW GTI Review!: BP6NEBXEvqA Sent from my cm_tenderloin using Tapatalk
  20. XGC75

    4th Gen Miata/MX-5

    Needs it's own thread. Especially when all the figures are released. Go!