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  1. NEOHMark

    FWIW - Safari interface - if you've forgotten your user ID and password.....'s fairly brutal to navigate to finally coming up with a path to sending your user ID to your email. Basically - you have to try to post a new thread or reply/quote an existing thread to access the 'forgot password?' link. That's hardly intuitive. There should be a 'Forgot User ID or...
  2. NEOHMark

    Cleveland Auto Show - no R!!!!???!!!

    Unreal. You'd think in 'lake effect snow' country, VW would've brought in at least one R for display at the CLE auto show, right? Nope. They had a $34k GTI Autobahn; a GLI; 3 or 4 Beetles (one was a convertible TDI - wayy cool actually); a Passat TDI 6M (WAYY cool - I'd LOVE to have that as a...
  3. NEOHMark

    FS: 2010 Black 4dr; 6M; 29k mi.

    **Sorry. No longer for sale**
  4. NEOHMark

    U.S. GTI owners - do you ever feel guilty?

    .....owning a car that is completely assembled outside the U.S.? Personally, I don't - simply because none of the car makers offer anything close to it that is assembled on our shores. I can't think of one offering domestically that really rivals the hot-hatch trifecta of GTI/MAZDASpeed3/WRX...
  5. NEOHMark

    Sitting in the tuner shop waiting room.....

    ......waiting for an APR Stage 1 flash to be completed. Life is pretty ding-dang good! :)
  6. NEOHMark

    APR at Mid-Ohio

    I was at the MidOhio 'Emco Gear' practice/qualifying today and stopped in at the APR paddock. Quite a spread. The boys did 'OK' in qualifying - I think the 171 car qualified 14th in ST. My guess is they have a really good chance to win a race tomorrow since the top 5 points leaders will...
  7. NEOHMark

    Is everyone's owner's manual stuffed full like 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lbs bag?

    Ours is so bad, you can't even browse through the varying mini-booklets without springing the binders open every time you turn a page. Plus, if you don't get it closed JUST right, the top few booklets curl around the bend in the binder rings and the booklets/sections get a permanent 'bend' in...
  8. NEOHMark

    Wife sprained her ankle = the GTI's been all mine for a couple weeks!

    :happyanim: I know that's terrible (the smiley icons), but it sure has been fun to spend everyday with the GTI for the past two weeks. The GTI is her daily driver, as I have a company car. But since she badly sprained her left ankle, she's been unable to drive a 6M. The company ride is...
  9. NEOHMark

    What other function does the fan switch have (push button) in non-U.S. markets?

    I kinda stumbled upon this the other day - the fact that the AC/heater fan switch has an obvious detente with spring-release. You can push it in like the seat heater buttons on the temperature and fan direction switches, respectively. It doesn't appear to have any affect on my USA-market car...
  10. NEOHMark

    Actually glad we passed on the HIDs now....

    I had a MkV trail me home last night and, while watching it in the mirror, I remembered what I can't stand about some HIDs. The foglights don't match. If I had the HIDs, I'd never use the foglights (which I like for the splash lighting they fill up on the sides) because I'm not a fan of the...
  11. NEOHMark

    "Volkswagen of America Announces 41 Percent Increase for March Sales"

    Check out those numbers on the GTI!! They almost quadrupled from March of '09 and well ahead of doubled YTD over March '09. If this keeps up, and it starts sinking in with the dealers as to what is happening, the days of skinny deals may be nearing an end. :yikes: Food for thought. Your...
  12. NEOHMark

    Heated mirrors - how do you know they're on?

    I've looked in the manual and it doesn't seem to address it, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something. Is there an indicator light anywhere that shows the mirror heaters to be on, or do you just have to trust the position of the switch as being your indicator? Thanks.
  13. NEOHMark

    Quality and reliability - German vs. Mexican assembled?

    I'm wondering what some opinions are of folks who have had experience with VWs assembled in Germany vs. Mexico? My wife and I have owned a pair of Mazdas over the years, a 626 built in Flat Rock, MI and a Protege 5 assembled in Japan. Both were good cars - above average in every way. But the...