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    The Golfmk6 Wheel/Fitment Info Thread!

    Nice wheels. What brand/model? I saw some nice-looking 18" American Racing wheels on the net but I'm still open to other options.
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    Engine oil recommendations

    Get an owner's manual to know the recommended specifications for the oil and other fluids.
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    Coilover options:)

    Can't go wrong with BC coilovers.
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    Bolt Pattern

    Here's a good site to know the specs of stock wheels---
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    Brakes - discs & pads

    I like the braking performance of hawk ceramic pads. No dust and no squeeling also.
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    changed fuse and now it's making 3 beeps

    That's weird. Have you tried going to your dealer?
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    P0507 Code MKV GTI

    Here's a good thread for you--
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    Franco516 // Tornado Red Big Turbo GTI // Build Thread?

    I envy you for having a cool steering wheel.
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    n00b question: sub/amp recommendations

    Try to check Crutchfield. The guys are very knowledgeable. Got my speakers from them.
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    Burning oil at idle.

    Or maybe you have a bad seal somewhere.
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    Replacement Windshield for Golf R

    You can try searching on for the part number.
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    Best Oil to run w a K04

    What they said. Can't go wrong with 5w40.
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    Cold air intake advice! Mk6gti

    Here are some good threads:
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    I'm bored, let's fight about oil

    I'm a fan of Mobil 1 and Castrol.
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    Door seal keeps popping off

    Using all-purpose glue is a cheap way to fix it.
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    Magnaflow Catback VS Resonator delete

    I like the deepish tone of Magnaflow.
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    Saying Hello

    Welcome. Any upgrade/mod plans for her?
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Just replaced the wiper blades and drove to work.
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    Got the itch for new rims...

    I'm actually planning to get these wheels from 4wheelonline. I think the bronze ones will look good on my black car.
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    Hummer EV - SUV & Truck

    Well, I'm not really a fan. Its features and power are quite impressive although the exterior styling is awful.