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    Bolt Pattern

    Hi guys! I have been checking out aftermarket rims for my 2009 VW Golf GTI mk6. I am currently running on 225/45ZR17 tires and I am looking at 17's. I like something from American Racing Wheels but I am confused on what bolt pattern to choose for my Mk6. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I miss having dogs. When I got married and my wife gave birth, we had to giveaway our dogs to my brothers and sisters because my son had asthma. My cocker spaniels were shedding like crazy so I had no choice but to let go of them.
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    Saying Hello

    What tires does your MK6 run?
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    They are so adorable!
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    Lego GTI TCR racecar

    Would love to build that with my son.
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    I've only had an American Cocker Spaniel as a pet.
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    Best Chicken Sandwich?

    The best chicken sandwich I have ever eaten is from Worth Takeaway in Mesa, Arizona. Love their Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
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    First Steps in modding

    Good luck with your project. Would love to see updated pics of your car.
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    OEM White LB9A touch up paint pens

    Never attempted to use on. I've always been curious about this touchup paint pens.
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    ESR SR02 style rims help/search

    You can see similar-looking rims like American Racing Wheels in 4wheelonline.
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    Noise Going over Bumps

    Could be also damaged ball joints.
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    Saying Hello

    See you around the forum.
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    FIXED:Just got a used mk6, am I just worried or is something wrong?

    I would have it checked by a mechanic just to be sure.
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    Franco516 // Tornado Red Big Turbo GTI // Build Thread?

    Love the steering wheel!
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Vacuumed the interior.
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    New Tires

    I also have the NTO5S Nitto tires on my 2009 VW Golf GTI mk6. It's worth the money!
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    Best place to get oem style front lip

    Saw one sold on eBay. You might also want to check out 4wheelonline.
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    New Tires

    Haven't tried installing Hankook Tires on my cars but I will check it out.
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    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Howdy! My name's Chris. My daily driver is a 2009 VW Golf GTI mk6.