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  1. dustbunny227

    Adams Rotors custom slotted rear rotors

    Asking $150 OBO Selling for a friend. I originally got these and the fronts from my buddy who was going to put them on his MK5 GTI but it wound up getting totaled before he could mount them. I have the fronts on my car so those arent available. The rears don't fit my 2011 GTI since I have the...
  2. dustbunny227

    Toyota Supra 2018/19

    Is anyone else excited for the new Toyota Supra? Now that it looks like its finally going to happen. Unlike the FRS/BRZ that was supposedly to be the next Supra. I've been thinking this will be my next car, as long as Toyota doesn't bring the price tag up to GTR money I should be able to afford...