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  1. Valli666

    Favorite Rocky Movie

    See below. J7mZm_23CI8
  2. Valli666

    Favorite Rocky Movie

    Rocky II Best music, best training montage and an ultimate story of man hitting rock bottom and then overcoming all odds to win it all.
  3. Valli666

    UK will Start to Block Porn

    You can use VPN providers to change your location. Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Valli666

    400k miles on an M5

    I love that car. Amazing machine, best sleeper of all time.
  5. Valli666

    Whats your occupation?

    Government job in Qatar, set for life... :D Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Valli666

    Golf R Review vid

    I think the review doesn't make any sense. How can the Subaru be a better everyday car when they hated the interior and the seats? How can the Evo be an everyday driver with that high maintenance level and the initial cost? Don't get me wrong, all three cars are good, but why give the R a bad...
  7. Valli666

    Guess what my doctor drives!!!

    See above for reasons of higher education.
  8. Valli666

    2015 VW GTI MK7 with video

    Here are some videos from the UK reviewers. 96fxpepWb7w dIETxZLoA_Y
  9. Valli666

    real or fake?

    Fake Real
  10. Valli666

    real or fake?

    Real Real Fake
  11. Valli666

    first drive! Car and Driver, 2015 GTI

    One from Top Gear UK, too.
  12. Valli666

    I Hear: Frankfurt-Bound Volkswagen Golf R Gets up to 300 HP

    Interesting reading... Shame they don't have any pictures of the car.
  13. Valli666

    Splitting tab with girl question.

    Correct answer. So you might as well start getting used to paying all the time.
  14. Valli666

    what the flippity flapjack is this.. a3? ttrs? alfa? scirocco?

    My brother owns a 147 GTA, the car needs no modifications as far as aesthetics are concerned. I don't understand the need for the crazy build...
  15. Valli666

    How tall are you guys?

    Six foot tall and a little tubby, still no issues with the car.
  16. Valli666

    How much of your NET income should you spend on a car?

    My car cost 25% of my annual net income. I was reluctant at first but when I calculated the monthly running cost was only going to be 2% of my net monthly salary (after I purchased the car) I didn't really worry about it. My honest advice would be to try and be realistic about how much money...
  17. Valli666

    What do we think about these???

    I'm sure the company is now bust, spare parts and servicing would be difficult, probably explains the low price.
  18. Valli666

    Picked on for having a GTI?

    This just sound so ridiculous; you're saying that people in your office have a go at you because they believe that their Honda's and Toyota's are better than your VW GTI?! :iono: In most other work places the youngest member of staff with the nicest car would be admired...
  19. Valli666

    I'm sick...make me feel better?

    :lol: You wouldn't believe how many time I see that reaction...
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