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    Magnaflow Catback VS Resonator delete

    So I found a guy selling a magnaflow catback used and I'm interested in it. I currently have a resonator delete, which I like, but it was done horribly and cheap with a pipe section too narrow and it rubs on my subframe sometimes. I will need to replace it eventually. My question is more of an...
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    How do I fix leaks in my cold air intake?

    For you guys who remember my saga from the past few months with phantom misfires (Or what felt like misfires) and weird issues with my car (2013 mk6 GTI), I have finally found the culprit with a smoke test; I have three leaks in my CTS Turbo cold air intake (The revised one that looks very...
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    How long does it take for oil to warm up?

    I've got a 2013 gti. I run Castrol Edge Full synthetic 5w40. I live in Canada and don't have access to indoor parking, and the winter gets around -25 Celsius or -15 Fahrenheit on an average night in the middle of winter. Like the title says, how long does it take for the oil to get to operating...
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    Why does my car sound like it's cammed out?

    2013 gti 6mt, 140,000 km. It has a resonator delete. This is after about 25 mins driving, trying to get it to throw a misfire code. (Been having a few issues). I got out and noticed my car sounds like it has a loping cam sound and i'm a little confused. Is this normal?
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    Feels like the gas pedal stops working momentarily then it comes back. Help!!

    2013 gti 6mt with 140,000 km. The car was in a front end accident and repaired in the past, I have no idea what the last owner was like to the car as I bought it from the mechanic who fixed the accident damage. I bought it in June. The only mod to the engine is a cts turbo intake I installed two...
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    WTB: GTI Front grille

    Previous owner of my car messed mine up and it drives me crazy, really looking for a clean front grille. If you have one laying around hit me up!
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    WTB: MK6 GTI Integrated Engineering CAI

    CCTA engine, looking to get the IE CAI. Willing to pay shipping, Can also pick up in Ottawa or Toronto