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  1. FocalPoint

    So here's a new one... White smoke plume intermittently?

    Alright so this happened twice today that I noticed. Both at lower speeds through a neighborhood with several stop signs. Mods are APR stg 2, catless downpipe, pipe/cone intake, APR clone intercooler, catback. Two times today I noticed that there was a large white plume of dust or smoke...
  2. FocalPoint

    Just want to confirm my suspicions - GTI hatch not opening, mechanical whurring sound when pressing the emblem in.

    Alright so I've had trouble with the POS hatch locking assembly maybe 2 years ago or so. Bought a cheapo part from China which was a mistake, after my hatch wouldn't lock properly. Drove around with a partially ajar hatch according to the MFD. So after installing this cheapo crap, I had the same...
  3. FocalPoint

    Is there a legit way to replace the plastic covers on my xenon headlights?

    My 9 year old xenons are great, except that they have disgusting amounts of build up and crazing (micro fissures) that likely can't be shaved down or polished off. Wondering if there's a viable way to replace the plastic entirely. I'd rather not spend $$$$$ on a whole new set just for aesthetics...
  4. FocalPoint

    Failing Waterpump Extended Warranty suit...

    Received an e-mail tonight regarding a classaction lawsuit in motion and likely to produce us with an extend warranty on our water pumps for 10 years/100k miles. Details below...
  5. FocalPoint

    Here's the first piece of shit to sue over the Dark Knight shootings in CO

    "71 people were shot when James Holmes opened fire during the midnight premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on Friday, but Torrence Brown, Jr. wasn’t one of them. He was there (he works in the movie theater and a friend of his was killed) but he wasn’t injured in any way. Nonetheless he’s the...
  6. FocalPoint

    Bank of America to charge a monthly fee to use your debit card

    Bank of America's (BAC) announcement this week that it would start charging a monthly $5 fee for using a debit card to make purchases is the latest in banking industry upcharges for services. In addition to debit fees, ongoing hikes in overdraft and ATM charges mean fewer fee-free options for...
  7. FocalPoint

    Nostalgia Thread

    How about we get a nostalgia thread going? Post up what you so fondly remember as a kid, video, pictures, and cool stories, bro preferred. ycOV5BUk8vU ae5XwkSguNI vdmtY0vux30 jitg-3xbmKU
  8. FocalPoint

    Anonymous sets it's sights on Benanke and the Federal Reserve

    Anonymous sets it's sights on Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Full Article here XySGw-g2tyk
  9. FocalPoint

    Dead Island

    lZqrG1bdGtg Taking place on an island of New Guinea, you play as one of 4 available characters immune to an infection spreading throughout the island causing mass hysteria among locals and tourists alike. This will be a first person shooter, survival RPG, so think Fallout meets resident evil...
  10. FocalPoint

    Serious question, anyone ever find a lump on their testicle(s)?

    Serious question here. How many of you have found a lump somewhere on your package? Feel free to elaborate. I have within the last 2 months discovered one. Went to a Urologist yesterday, and have an ultrasound today. Kinda worried.
  11. FocalPoint

    Health Insurance help

    Anyone have any good plans or know of any for a young male, non smoker in his 20's, without any pre-existing health issues. I'm trying to get on a health insurance plan as soon as possible. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Let me know. I live in South Florida, by the way. Not sure how all this...
  12. FocalPoint

    Anyone with a Carfax account want to do me a favor?

    I'm looking into buying a mini as a daily driver, as the GTI is becoming more for projects now. I've found a decent looking 2004 Mini cooper and would like to see the carfax report. I know a few of you have accounts on CarFax, and if possible could you check the Vin# for me? Vin is...
  13. FocalPoint

    Not a good week...

    So before I say anything, I'm inb4 "nice baaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww thread" and "cool story bro." So after over 3 years, the misses has decided to call it quits. Seems so sudden and out of nowhere to me, and I just don't get it. We've had our ups and downs, but mostly ups, and I've never quite been...
  14. FocalPoint

    Daylight Savings Time is Tonight!

    Turn your clocks back an hour at 2am, Nov 1st. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep.