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    Leather seats wearing away gti autobahn mk6

    Anyone brought oem replacement leather backs and bottoms and installed them on driver seat. These are the part numbers, back cover, bottom cover. 5K3-881-805-CJ-VCH 5K0-881-405-AQ-UFH Thanks in advance Mark
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    Winter Tires for 17” goals on 2013 gti

    Getting some 17x7.5 goals. Where I live, Baltimore, the roads are shit. Need a softer ride with a winter set. Not a lot of snow but very cold temperatures. 205 or 225? 50/55/65? Nokian/Goodyear/Michelin Thanks Mark
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    Carbon cleaning around Baltimore

    Anyone recommend anyone please. Sykesville is a bit of a hike but will if no one nearer. I also work in Columbia Md some days. Thank you
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    Body shop baltimore

    Baltimores wonderful roads delivered a large stone/rock into my drivers door leaving a dent and gouge. Anyone know a good guy to fix my problem please. Thanks Mark
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    Vagcom (Baltimore)

    Any kind souls willing to help with a few tweeks for cash/beer etc Thanks Mark 410 900 4702 2013 gti
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    Wheel info needed please

    Hello and thanks in advance for any help. I have 2013 gti autobahn with serron wheels. I found some new vw 17" goals with 225/45/17,s on them to put on in the winter. Sadly I got the wrong ones with the 5x100 bolt pattern instead of 5x112. Yea my fault I know? So I'm looking for a solution...
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    Folding in mirrors

    On mk6 with keyless entry using key fob. Is it possible Thanks in advance Mark
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    Warranty info

    Hi, took my 2013 autobahn to dealer as engine light came on and my regular guy couldn't get in the system. 28,000 miles but out of 3 year warranty. Ended up being faulty ECM relay. They Replaced that on warranty but charged me $128 for diagnostic test. Am I thinking right that maybe I got...
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    Gti side stripes

    Anyone know good place to get classic gti logo (as on car) on thin,fat,thin stripe please. Thanks Mark