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    Help Please .... Going crackers! RTAB ISSUE?

    To top finish off this thread from years back .... Sold the A3 in 2019 got an ATS and that was short-lived before i returned it because the dealership was dishonest, and then bought an R in summer of 2019 with dsg .... Last summer the R developed the same rear sideways skip and rear wobbling...
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    Got an R in 2019 .... 2016 DAP/DSG Lapiz ....

    Got an R in 2019 .... 2016 DAP/DSG Lapiz ....
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    Hard one to figure out ? Another damn P0420 problem thread

    On a CCTA the post cat sensor does nothing other than measure cat efficiency right? I have a CCTA and stock tune with a catless downpipe and vibrant j-bend with the smallest holed piece installed .... Why am I getting P0420 ??? -My car likes 420 ?? -The piece I chose is to small and it...
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    Thoughts on meyle ?? For suspension??

    Y'all thoughts on meyle parts? I'm specifically looking at buying a rear lower control arm from meyle. Great price but are they crap or basically as good as OEM. ?????? Sent from my stomach using remote control
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    Anybody have a rear wheel bearing go??? What have been you symptoms?

    Soooo Those who have had rear wheel bearings go bad .... What have been the symptoms? What does it act like over bumps etc? Sent from my stomach using remote control
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    What install tool for rear knuckle/bearing housing??

    What tool is used by VW to install the rear lower outer control arm bushings in the wheel bearing housing .... I cannot find anything. Thanks. Sent from my stomach using remote control
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    Help Please .... Going crackers! RTAB ISSUE?

    Well I've got this issue where the rear of my car steers itself around when it wants to .... Tends to be when driving on uneven road ways .... High-speed on highways over bumps the rear of my car will sway back and forth. Frightening! City driving the back will get all wigglely and is...
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    DSG vs Manual weight??

    Anybody have an idea of how much more the DSG weighs over the manual? ^^ Also if we were talking about a 4door Mk6 GTI Manual vs 4door Mk6 R manual, would anybody know how much the axle weights would be compared? Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
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    Looking for Mk6 R front springs OEM !!

    Looking for some OEM front Mk6 golf R front springs .... FOUND!! Kijiji actually works!! Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
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    Looking for some answers!!

    I've been chasing a rough ride issue for about a year and a half now. Looking for some answers from the R guys with experience. I have a 2011 A3 Quattro which is very similar to an R underneath. I'm currently H&R 24/26 sways. And eibach linear lowering springs. Golf R struts and shocks. Front...
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    Treadstone MAF's ? These look awesome!

    So I was looking at stuff for a Cobalt SS TC that my friend owns .... He was having engine codes and limp modes cuz of a sensitive MAF .... Well I also discovered this product...
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    United Motorsports High Boost tune VS. ??

    Anyone running United Motorsports high boost tune? .... What's it like compared to Unitronic stage 2 and compared to other stage 2 k03 tunes? I'm really only considering UM-hb or Uni stg2 .... Also is stratified K03 stage 2 faster than uni? I know it's all hard to compare and this and...
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    Looking for part numbers.

    Hello, I'm looking for part numbers and color markings for the following springs on a USDM Golf R Front springs for a Mk6 R manual 2door. And rear springs for a 6R manual 4door. Thanks Also if anyone has some they would like to get rid of I may be interested. Sent from my DEVICE using Tapacar
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    Stock ECU tune .... Odd boost??

    I've got my car on a stock tune.... Always weird boost levels .... Now and then I won't be able to hit 10 psi at all .... Then a few months later I'll be hitting it .... Is this due to the nature of turbo engines? Or is my turbo done and the waste gate is barmy? It's got 189000 km on it...
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    Looking for Apikol Non S brackets.

    Anybody got a used set in decent condition? May also be interested in the brakes if you have them as well. Comment. Thanks. Sent from my DEVICE using Tapacar
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    Most comfortable shocks ?

    I'm running racingline lowering springs and Golf R shocks/struts on my car .... They seem like the don't absorb bumps and cracks like a modern shock should. Here's my question/thought. Are the Koni yellows/sports that are adjustable, actually more adaptive then the R shocks due to a better...
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    Wanted, VWR Mk6 R springs

    Hey does anybody have a set of VWR/racingline springs that they are getting rid of? Trying to order a set from racingline uk is an impossibility it seems as it been over 2 months I've waited for the kit. Thanks Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
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    Wanted, mk6 R lowering springs Racingline/VWR

    Hello, Does anybody have racingline/vwr lowering springs for the Mk6 R for sale? Thanks, Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
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    Clogging failing PCV / oil separator

    Hello all I have had my 11' A3 for a year and a half. When I first bought it, it already had a failing PCV. No symptoms (usual symptoms are sounds) other than high oil consumption and fouled plugs and smoke. Since then I'm on my second pcv. No symptoms each time other than high oil consumption...
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    These safe!!!???

    What are your peoples thoughts on these balljoint spacers, that I got a machine shop to build and weld to the bottom of the balljoint? I had these made because I had a clearance issue with part of the sway bar smashing on the left LCA .... Even with severely shortened endlinks .... I'm not even...