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  1. spiker369

    South East Florida Tuesday night meets

    Apologizes on not keeping this updated. But meet is currently canceled until further notice, global pandemic and all. Stay safe yall.
  2. spiker369

    South East Florida Tuesday night meets

  3. spiker369

    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    Here's my old mk6. I sure do miss the mods I had, but loving everything about the mk7 so far. 20160106_9655_BBSLM by Kyle Anderson, on Flickr
  4. spiker369

    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    Do you only have one? Or have any other pets? I thought ferrets were social animals that needed 24/7 accompaniment like guinea pigs.
  5. spiker369

    WCI - RIP

    It's so great lmfao
  6. spiker369

    BBS LMs, 17x8+20, 17x9+20 (South Florida)

    As a part of the partout from my mk6 I have my wheels for sale. They are BBS LMs, 17x8+20 (205/40 tires, newly mounted driven for a month), 17x9+20 (195/40 tires, roughly 60% thread left on the cambered side). Offset is +20 because the faces are currently reverse mounted but original offset is...
  7. spiker369

    MK5/MK6 AirLift Performance + AutoPilot V2 (South Florida)

    As a part of the partout from my mk6 I have my air ride for sale. Airlift performance front struts (new camber plates/bearings), double bellow rears (no rear shocks), management and such. You'll just need to buy air line and run the wiring and then you can go all pssssssht with your frands. My...
  8. spiker369

    MK5/MK6 AirLift Slam Series front struts (South Florida)

    I have a set of slam series front bags with leader lines (no fittings). One of the shocks is shot but airlift can sell you a separate shock for $100. I never repaired it because I upgraded to Performance series fronts. I'm also including a brand new (still have the shipping box) replacement bag...
  9. spiker369

    DIY Mirror Cap Removal WITHOUT Removing Glass

    I meant to make this thread a while back, I took the photos back in October 2015 and never got around to posting them.. Anyways, it's super simple to remove the caps wether it be to paint them, wrap them, or replace them. Here's how to do it without removing the mirror glass and risk breaking...
  10. spiker369

    Custom Stock Wheels

    I was just thinking about this idea. Anyone ever do some modification to their stock wheels (not just plastidip) to make them unique? After swapping my wheels a few times I honest miss the look and simplicity of the Detroits at times. However, I think it would be dope to polish out the centers...
  11. spiker369

    BBS LM - no machines, DIY refinish

    Decided to wait until the final product before making a thread but here it goes! At EuroTripper 3 in February 2015 I picked up a set of BBS LM’s from my buddy Bryan (Carbon13GTI). He had plans to do a full polish on the wheels but sold them to me before he was able to so I figured I’d make...
  12. spiker369

    WTB: GTI Fog light housings

    So both of my fog light housings are cracked. However they still work and do not haze up so I'm not in a hurry to replace them. Just posting up to see what's available and if the price is right I'll buy. :yikes:
  13. spiker369

    Air Ride Suspension Thread

    This past Wednesday I swapped my blown airlift slam xl series front bags/struts with a used set of performance fronts that I bought from Matt on here. Install went relatively smooth. Had to run around town to find new top mounting nuts but once I got those everything was butter. I love that I am...
  14. spiker369

    spiker369's Journal -- 2010 CSG GTI

    Sadly I found today that I do in fact have a blown front strut. Zero rebound in it. Now to figure out what to do to replace it asap. Either buy Matt's used struts, get a set of new performance struts with a Black Friday discount for $830, or try and buy a single front strut and reuse the bag. ???
  15. spiker369

    70k Waterpump 2010

    So. I figured with the water pump bulletin not including the 2010's I was safe. Guess not. My car just excreted all of the coolant on my driveway. I'm close to 70k. Anyone think it'll still get covered? :cry:
  16. spiker369

    spiker369's Journal -- 2010 CSG GTI

    Swapped my halogens back on. Got sick of the discoloration of the crappy reps.
  17. spiker369

    spiker369's Journal -- 2010 CSG GTI

    Here's the only picture I took of it so far when aired out.
  18. spiker369

    spiker369's Journal -- 2010 CSG GTI

    Anyone know any good cleaners to get shoe marks off of the door panel/seat plastic? [emoji23]