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    VWR Cold Air Intake

    Anyone running the VWR Cold air intake on their TDI's? Part number VWR12G60D. Just bought one and I'm excited to install it but can never find any reviews. My MK6 TDI currently has a turbo back exhaust with DPF and EGR Delete with a tune. Will I feel any real performance improvements once I get...
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    Bi-xenon retrofit HELP

    They are just the normal halogen ones off a standard golf.
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    Bi-xenon retrofit HELP

    Yes I did. Im maybe thinking I have to maybe re-pin the connector? I don't even know.
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    Bi-xenon retrofit HELP

    Hey guys I have a mk6 golf TDI and I bought some bi-xenon headlights that I've installed and coded in but they don't work at all. Not even the turn signals. Im not sure what the problem is and was hoping I could get some help. The ballast and control module are also fine, as well as all the...
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    VLAND Tail lights

    Hey guys just wondering if these VLAND Tails are worth the money. Mostly concerned about fitment and whether or not the sequential turn signals actually work properly. Thanks guys.
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    MK6 TDI Turbo upgrade?

    Hey guys I have a 2011 Golf TDI with turboback exhaust and a tune. Currently sitting at 200hp and 350ft.lbs and I want more. My next upgrades will be a short ram air intake, upgraded clutch and fuel pump. After all that ill be ready for a bigger turbo. Any suggestions on which one I should pick...