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  1. Lucky#Slevin

    Yakima whispbar and fit kit

    I have a used yakima whispbar S6 with fit kit for mk6 4DR. Has signs of use but overall good condition. Had this on my MK6 for years and was the quietest sleekest looking rack for the car. Have keys and everything ready to just mount on your car. Pics coming soon. Looking to get $150 OBO...
  2. Lucky#Slevin

    18 x 8.5” +45 neuspeed RSE10 machined

    Selling a set of 4 Neuspeed RSE10 in machined finish.. specs are 18 x 8.5” +45 offset.. including tires 225/40/18 hankook noble2 all season tires with good tread.. 1 tire is brand new.. other 3 useable.. Heres the bad.. 1 of 3 wheels is bent.. basically needs to be replaced but can be...
  3. Lucky#Slevin

    Front pass. Side suspension noise help..

    Guys please I need some help.. I had a very loud banging sound coming from my front pass. Side whenever I hit bumps, potholes or anything that isn't smooth pavement.. I am lowered on eibach pro kit springs and autotech sachs dampers with TT mounts and SKF bearings.. This has been going on for...
  4. Lucky#Slevin

    FS: Helix Depot headlights

    Used helix depot led headlights for halogen equipped vehicles. Plug and play with no errors. Comes with 1 35watt morimoto ballast and 2 5000k hid bulbs. Lights are used and have some wear. Driver has some spidering on inside of lense and passenger has some scratches on top of housing...
  5. Lucky#Slevin

    Autotech Clubsport springs

    I have a set of brand new Autotech Clubsport springs for mk6 & mk5 GTI. The box was opened just to take these pics. According to Autotech website they drop front 1.5" and rear 2.0" Local NYC pickup is preferred, i'm in 10309 zip code. Price is $80.00. Heres some interesting info i...
  6. Lucky#Slevin

    VMR v710 18" x 8.5"

    I have a set of gunmetal VMR v710 in 18" x 8.5" 45 offset. I actually have 5 wheels and will include the extra wheel at no cost to the buyer if interested. A set of 4 wheels are wrapped in 225/40/18 cooper Zeon RS3-A all season tires. They have 4-5/32 tread remaining. These are on my daily...
  7. Lucky#Slevin

    225 35 19 or 235 35 19 tire size?

    I know another 19" tire thread but I really need some advice from the community. I don't want to make a bad decision. I currently have 18" wheels and tires. I fell in love with the satin bronze neuspeed RSE10 in 19" though. I know these come in an 18" size but IMO they look like a completely...
  8. Lucky#Slevin

    Cracked oil filter housing / alternator bracket

    Anyone have any experience with this and had to have this replaced? I go outside and noticed a huge puddle of oil in driveway where my car was earlier. I popped the hood and it looked like the oil filter was leaking from the seal. I took it to my local mechanic and tells me you have a cracked...
  9. Lucky#Slevin

    Cracked oil filter housing!!??

    Anyone have any experience with this and had to have this replaced? I go outside and noticed a huge puddle of oil in driveway where my car was earlier. I popped the hood and it looked like the oil filter was leaking from the seal. I took it to my local mechanic and tells me you have a cracked...
  10. Lucky#Slevin

    Best local shop to lower my car?

    I am located in Staten Island, NY 10309 and I am looking for a local shop to lower my car. I have all the parts just need a reputable competent shop for labor that isn't going to beat me over the head to install. I have no problem traveling to a good shop. I want the job done properly and at a...
  11. Lucky#Slevin

    what happened to all the vendor adds for one perfect dose??

    I haven't been on here that much over the last couple of months so excuse me if this has been covered but what happened to the one perfect dose adds? is he not selling led tails or headlights anymore? i checked his website and it looks like he isn't selling on there either. anyone know what...
  12. Lucky#Slevin

    mk6 jetta tdi st coilovers fit a mk6 gti??

    Tried to search google and on here.. do st coilovers from a 2011 mk6 jetta tdi fit on the mk6 gti?
  13. Lucky#Slevin

    FS: 225 40 18 Dunlop sport 01 A/S tires

    I am selling three (3) 225 40 18 dunlop sport 01 all season tires.. Tires are in very good condition and have alot of tread left.. No patches or plugs all hold air.. I want $100 for all 3.. I will sell separately but i will not ship.. Pick up only from nyc.. 10309 zip..
  14. Lucky#Slevin

    3 week old VMR v710 wheel bent.. Really?!

    Hit an average size pothole last night and bent my 3 week old 18" VMR v710 front driver wheel.. I can not put into words how disgusted I am right now. I never even had a chance to wash them before they were damaged... I am pretty upset at the quality of the wheels right about now.. I have had...
  15. Lucky#Slevin

    FS: 18" oem detroit wheels and stock dunlop tires

    FS: 18" oem detroit wheels SOLD for local pickup in nyc area. not really looking to ship. Not looking to part out. I have for sale 4 used oem detroit wheels. Wheels have minor flaws but are pretty clean overall. Close up pic is the worst damage of any wheel. No tires... SOLD Pic of...
  16. Lucky#Slevin

    How do I install HID's into replica headlights??

    Please don't just say search.. I did and can not find what I am looking for.. Is there a DIY for installing HID's into after market rep. headlights on mk6 gti? I bought helix depo replica headlights. I found a video on removing front bumper and removing headlights; which is great because I can...
  17. Lucky#Slevin

    WTB/WTT: 18" VMR V710 gunmetal

    Looking for 18" x 8.5" 45 offset vmr v710 in gunmetal. If interested I have stock detroits plus cash. NYC location.
  18. Lucky#Slevin

    Just bought RNS 510 need help and advice..

    I just bought this version of the RNS 510 after doing alot of research on here about upgrading. I saw this on ebay and jumped on it. I currently have a 2011 gti with AN OEM RCD 510. I do have a few...
  19. Lucky#Slevin

    Proud new member...

    Whats up guys.. Like the title says i am a proud new member and owner of a 2011 vw gti dsg.. Found a real clean low mile beauty.. 11,100 miles on the clock.. shes my daily driver and im in love..This is my first time ever owning a VAG product.. the car is outstanding so far and look forward to...