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  1. riceburner

    2012 GTI - White, K04, DSG, Chicagoland

    $8500 OBO Names Adam PM me here, or text 630-Nine-Zero-One-8677 Hi and thank you for checking this listing out! Selling this car as it is time to get an SUV for my wife. This has been an absolutely wonderful car to me for the last 40,000 miles. First, an important note to not waste your time...
  2. riceburner

    Oem front lower trim, taillights, catback - GTI

    Hi all, Located in Aurora Illinois, local meet Will ship taillights OE (not VW, Taiwan) front valence piece 5K0805903B9B9 I THINK is the P/N, got it for 120 shipped, sell for 60 OBO? OEM Taillights in good condition, 60 OBO OEM Catback, somewhat low miles (like 40-50k i think) 80 OBO? IDK...
  3. riceburner

    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    I've been working at home all week. The Illinois Government just released the stay at home quarantie order and I'm bored as F$%^!!!! How's everyone else holding up? :)
  4. riceburner

    Doors swinging open while going around turns lately...

    Hey all, I havent experience dthis but my wife keeps reporting the some of the doors are out of nowhere swinging open while going around turns. She is reportedly closing the doors hard enough... the weathers been nice lately. Not sure, anyone have experience with this? Think spraying some lube...
  5. riceburner

    Need help clearing airbag code after seat swap

    Hey all! Hoping to get some asistance, and hopefully i can do soem coding with my obdeleven tool. I swapped from plaid seats to leather seats, to some aftermarket seats, and now back to another set of leathers. Omgggg. However since the second swap (i think) ive had an airbag light on. A...
  6. riceburner

    WTB - Front drivers fender liner & bumper guide, oem boost pipes

    Hey all, I tried to replace my worn out front drivers fender with ebay stuff a while back and lets just say it did NOT work out well. :) I need an OEM - and used is fine but must be OEM: Front drivers fender liner (hardware a plus!) the whole liner, and bottom pieces that bolt into the...
  7. riceburner

    Mk7 style 'UU' headlights - trade for stock

    SOLD Have these headlights. They have the sequential turning lights. Plug and play Include all bulbs and a 5500k morimito hid kit which is a 150 value plus the lights are a 400 value to start. Not many miles on anything and the lenses are in great shape. Only issue is a tab broke on the...
  8. riceburner

    Turbo installation kit, red top coils, africa place PCV

    Have: Used africa plate and hose. Oem. 40k miles of use. Works fine no issues - 50 shipped Ecs turbo installation kit - linked below. Sell for 30 shipped Red top coils, 30k of use. Not oem but an equivalent. No issues. 60 shipped Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  9. riceburner

    Euro switch 5nd941431bxsh

    SOLD! As titled have one if these for sale. Oem. Used. 50 shipped Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  10. riceburner

    Full vent gauge pod and 034 boost tap

    Boost tap is unused but lost original box. Never got around to installing it. They go for 45 new, sell for 30 shipped Full boost gauge pod (with surrounding trim so you dont have to butcher your stock piece) The pod goes for 55 and trim for idk what Will sell for 40 shipped. This piece is used...
  11. riceburner

    Turbo outlet pipe

    SOLD Have a TOP i removed from my car (going back to stock) I forget the brand, but it has a 2-1/4" inket and 2.5" outlet. Wrinkle black finish. Will post pics later if needed. 100 shipped sounds good to me. Pm if interested. Thanks!
  12. riceburner

    Trade ebay golf R bumper for gto bumper - white - chicagoland

    Hey all. Willing to trade my bumper if anyones interested. Its the ebay brand. Could use a little work as the grilles dont fit perfectly, and i only have the passenger side washer cap. Would trade for 100 plus a decent condition gti bumper, maybe straight trade if it includes a euro lip? I just...
  13. riceburner

    DEPO Euro Tail Lights

    Sold!! Used about 2 years. In good shape. A little bit of moisture comes and goes in the lower drivers tail. Comes with resistors. No codes/errors. I added a tint overlay film to just the clear portions of the tails, can be removed easily if wanted but i prefer the look 200 plus ship? Send...
  14. riceburner

    WTB: Full stock intake (TSI)

    Hey all, Anyone have a full stock intake (box all the way to the turbo) for sale? My car is CCTA (i think) meaning i need the extra little plug-in for the secondary air injection at the box. Thanks in advance,
  15. riceburner

    Leather seats for trade

    Have in good condition, front and rear leather seats for trade (looking for plaids) These are for a 4 door model. I mean they work in a 2 door but good luck getting in the back seat lol. I clean the cracks of these regularly and condition them with chemicalguys leather protectant. The rear...
  16. riceburner

    Neuspeed intercooler, IE intake, milltek catback

    Hey all! Have some goodies for sale! First off im in the chicagoland area, for the catback would DEFINATELY prefer to meet local or be prepared to spend a good chunk of change for shipping. Overall these are large items. Anywho. Milltek 2.75" catback - no longer for sale currently...
  17. riceburner

    Anyone ever buy a CAR shortly prior to a HOUSE?

    Hey all! Hoping for some experience here... Looking at a pretty screaming deal for a 2019 GTI Rabbit edition. You all know the fever you can get for a new car. :wub: However, in about 6-8 months my fiance and I will be married and looking to get into a house. We project that we will have...
  18. riceburner

    K03 turbo & new installation kit FS

  19. riceburner

    White euro lip, white lower grille surround, smoked sidemarkers, white gti bumper

    Colormatched lower bumper, white bumper, smoked sidemarkers ALL SOLD! Selling all separately or as a package for a the right price. Located in West Chicagoland, so include shipping on top of the bigger items. OEM white euro lip SOLD Wrapped lower grille surround. Wrapped with color match...
  20. riceburner

    All black projector headlights (retrofitted) R20 style

    SOLD These are Depo brand r20 replicas which I retrofitted FX-R projectors into. Painted the entire housings gloss black so theres no chrome. It was fun and a total pain, expensive project for sure, but the outcome is great. Here is the thread where I documented the build...