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  1. MrFancypants

    Anyone else following the DAP RWD GTI swap?

    It’s a mk5, but whatever... basically the same car.
  2. MrFancypants

    Porsche Macan brake calipers

    I came across a tip that base Macan brake calipers will just bolt right up to Mk7 GTIs with 240 mm diameter R32 brake rotors. Did some searching and stumbled upon this.... These are four piston...
  3. MrFancypants

    Lifting inside rear tire effect on ABS electronics

    Are Volkswagens in general prone to freaking out if the brakes are applied to a wheel that's in the air? I'm working through a rather bizarre issue with my car after a series of upgrades. Not long ago I upgraded to Eibach Pro-Kit springs and 26/23 mm Eibach swaybars (both set to soft), struts...
  4. MrFancypants

    Switched back to OEM gear oil from Redline MTL

    A couple of years ago I made the mistake of test driving a Civic Si and walked away jealous of the amazing stock shifter. I didn’t much like the rest of the car, so I installed a Dieselgeek Sigma 6, metal cable bracket, metal bracket bushings, and a Raceseng Slammer. Before all the upgrades I...
  5. MrFancypants

    Review: Koni Sports on stock springs

    I've been running a set of Koni Sports for a few months now and I think I've logged enough miles to offer an experienced opinion. Current setup: Stock springs Stock swaybars Stock bumpstops (they were in good condition) ECS Tuning front strut mounts Audi TT front control arm bushings, rear...
  6. MrFancypants

    Oil level sensitivity

    *edit* - the follow was posted prior to noticing that the noise is connected to the new AC compressor. Start car, hear noise, turn off AC, sound stops, turn on AC, sound comes back. Here's to me throwing too much thought at the wrong thing. Before I elaborate, the noise wasn't dramatic. It was...
  7. MrFancypants

    DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press

    Special tools needed: - OEM Tools bearing and race installer set, 27119 -- ---This tool is on AutoZone's loan-a-tool program, so borrow it for free - Three jaw puller, also an AutoZone loaner tool - 8" c-clamp, although a...
  8. MrFancypants

    Test drove a 2015 Civic Si

    So recently I had the thought. My car is getting up in miles and with a new kiddo in the house I wanted to minimize the amount of time in the garage fixing stuff. I wanted something fun to keep myself reasonably entertained for my daily grind, but also accessible and easy to use with the...
  9. MrFancypants

    EPC light + exclamation point over odometer

    I brought my stock GTI to a dealership to get a new timing chain tensioner in it. When I dropped it off it was healthy, no issues. When I got it back and got it on the road I noticed the EPC light and the exclamation point, although the exclamation point went away when the car stopped moving...
  10. MrFancypants

    ECS HD front strut mount

    Does anybody have anything to say about these? I've read elsewhere that these are manufactured by Lemforder, which I've also read does OEM manufacturing. ECS also sells Lemforder brand OEM replacement mounts...
  11. MrFancypants

    Engine mount install problem

    I ordered some new engine mounts, as well as the complete mount bolt kit from ECS Tuning. I notice that I haven't been provided with new bolts for the engine mount to the engine. So... I reuse the old bolts, and for whatever reason they refuse to go in all the way. I get them in about half...
  12. MrFancypants

    100,000 mile review

    I purchased this car in October of 2009. It was the second MkVI GTI my local dealership received, and the first with a manual clutch. Because it's a 2010 it had the ala-carte option list, and I chose the sunroof, adaptable HIDs, and Dynaudio. I believe the only two options I did not select...
  13. MrFancypants

    Camshaft carrier?

    When I dropped my car off to get a new intake manifold installed the service adviser said they found a few oil leaks. The upper timing cover which is obvious, a camshaft carrier, and the air pump. I've been searching and I can't figure out exactly what part they were referring to. At first I...
  14. MrFancypants


    Finally! Five years, eight months, and 93k miles later, the intake manifold finally kicked the bucket. It looks like I got one of the better ones. Given that the labor to remove and reinstall the manifold is on-the-house, courtesy of VAG, I'll be taking advantage of the greatly reduced labor...
  15. MrFancypants

    Does this car have rear brake wear indicators?

    As in the kind that plug in and turn on a light when they're getting thin.