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  1. BoostedVW11

    Happy Birthday to Moderator Jay745!

    Happy Birthday dude
  2. BoostedVW11

    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Welcome. This is now the replacement thread for Random Stupid questions thread (as to not over shadow legitimate car questions) . Your 1 stop shop for random conversation, gifs, memes and more... ...Have fun, play nice and enjoy Whats for lunch?!
  3. BoostedVW11

    TyrolSport Rigid Subframe collar kit, QUICK question

    What the other bolts i should replace while doing the front subframe kit install? Kit only provides arp bolts for 4 and 3. Ive heard some people replace 4 other bolts, is it 4x of N10579702 or N91039802? Kind of confused thanks
  4. BoostedVW11

    Looking for review of Koni 1150 Series Coilovers w/ Adjustable Dampening

    Looking for review of Koni 1150 Series Coilover Kit - Adjustable Dampening . Part number: 11505080 *Hows the ride quality? *Average Lowering *Daily vs Track *Spring rates PFA Thanks
  5. BoostedVW11

    Herro, 6/1 Autobahn Country Club Full 3.56m Track Day (Joilet IL)

    MVP Track Time Presents June 1, 2015: Autobahn Country Club [Joliet, IL] - "First Monday In June" (Full 3.56 Mile Track) *$260 to sign up Drivers Attending: - Myself - Gunkata - Jay745 - Raketen - Das Gespenst Spectators Attending: -Jaber *Novice, Intermediate and Advanced groups available...
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    Rough Cold Start/stalling on Inclines only:Blinking CEL

    Having an odd issue where if i start my car when cold and sometimes even warm on a slightly slanted driveways my car gets a flashing CEL which then vanishes after a few blinks. This is accompanied with very low rpms and near engine stalling. Ive had no issues with cold starts on level ground...
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    Word Association Game 7.3

  8. BoostedVW11

    BoostedVW11s Build Thread

    2011 Shadow Blue GTI, 3 Door DSG Full Mod List: (Pics below) updated 5/30/18 *Apr Stage 2 tune (with program switching) *Koni Height/Dampening Adjustable suspension + 034 track density mount *24mm H&R Rear Sway bar (hard) *26mm H&R Front Sway Bar (soft) *Apr Carbonio Intake *SPM 200 cell...
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    GOLFMK6 Official Bored At Work Drawings

    Apparantely this forum has led to members posting pictures of their own keys/wallets and phones. Felt this was necessary. Knowing this forum there is probably a thread on this somewhere from the past. And go.
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    Chicago Healthy Lifestyle Talk

    The thread encouraging healthy eating and exercising. Packed my lunch today...cutting down on portions and calories starts today. *Half a corn cob *Small portion of garlic pasta *One panko chicken breast *Healthy choice soup if i need a snack later. Will be cleaning car inside out for cardio...
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    Dealerships take forever to email you back

    What gives? In an age of quick internet access..this is ridiculous. Looking for pricing and availability on some stock parts...been awhile now.
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    Tesla to release $35k car in 2017, "Tesla Model III"

    Tesla trying to compete with new electric BMW 3 Series rival..launching 35k in 3 years...more information at the link below. "Late Tuesday night, Tesla Motors TSLA +0.3% confirmed that a...
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    WTB 1 Pirelli P Zero Nero tire

    Wanting to buy 1 Pirelli P Zerno Nero a bubbled tire that needs replacing for first autox event coming up. Ideally would like to pay $75 for the tire with 15-20,000 miles on it to match my current set. From chicago, Illinois area Thanks for the help!
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    GTI stalling on warm startups. Dealer cant replicate problem?See Video

    So in the past couple of weeks before and after install of r8 coils and plugs, on the most random startups ive had my car stall a few times. This problem is happening on warm starts, 3 times it was on my lunch break. 1st start up...the car will burble in low rpms then die. 2nd start up...the...
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    Bi xenon headlights, right light supposed to be lower?

    Just a quick question, i noticed my right headlight beam is few inches lower on the wall compared to the left. When asking another forum member in person recently, his is the same way. I know i can adjust using vcds and manual adjusting but is there some point to having right beam lower from...
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    Buy or Lease MK7 GTI by 6.30.14..get a free GoProHero 3 + Mount from VW

    Volkswagen is giving away a GoPro® HERO3+ Black Edition camera and mount (for use on a closed course) to customers who purchase or lease the all-new 2015 Golf GTI by June 30th, 2014.​ But not before we let Volkswagen driver, Tanner Foust, take them out for a turbocharged spin. ​ T1kR_usCvkw
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    Whatcha Having for lunch today? (with pics)

    Whatcha having for lunch today? (pics if possible) Jimmy Johns #14 here... (Meh, Shouldve went to jersey mikes)
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    MK7 GTI vs Mk7 GTI REVO Stage 1 Beta With Video

    Interesting video that just hit youtube 48 hours ago.... jg2DRnbmhqU In the few other videos ive seen, the mk7s gearing pulls much harder at "expressway" speeds. However they do not seem to have the lower end torque of an mk6. Pretty interesting as big name tuning companies have not released...
  19. BoostedVW11

    VW plasti-dip gloss/clearcoat pics?

    Anyone try to plasti dip their front/rear emblems and then coat with a glossifier or clear coat. Cant find any photos of this, from what ive seen on a few other applications it looks like the paint comes out kinda rough. Pics would be great, thanks