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  1. alexgc

    FS: Enkei Fujin 17" alloys with Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec tires

    I'm selling off this wheel and tire set after using them for the Summer and Fall of this year. Looking at getting a new set of 17" or 18" wheels for next year. Great tire and lightweight wheel combination for high performance driving and track use! :thumbup: Tires Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star...
  2. alexgc

    Motorsport (track days, auto-x, drag, etc) video footage

    Started this thread to give a single location for those of you to share your video footage at track days, autocrosses, (legal) drag races and other motorsport events you participate in. I'll kick off with two videos from event 1 of the 2012 South Jersey SCCA autocross season at Bader Field...
  3. alexgc

    Feeler/FS: TSW Nurburgring 17x8 wheels

    Posted in both GolfMkV and GolfMk6. Looking to see if this gains enough interest. I want to sell these Nurburgring wheels and put the money toward the purchase of a set of OZ Alleggeritas. If you want them, you get the wheels (duh), the centering rings (72.1mm), 20 lug bolts and the lug bolt...
  4. alexgc

    South Jersey SCCA Autocross final event of 2011

    For anyone interested, the final autocross event of the 2011 season in the South Jersey SCCA region is coming up on Sunday, November 13th. It will be held at Bader Field, a closed airport in Atlantic City, NJ. We have had some interesting courses this season thanks to the abundance of space...
  5. alexgc

    not Mk6 racing material, but...

    I've been disappointed with the lack of VW's participating in this season's South Jersey SCCA autocross events. At the events I've attended this season, only myself in my Mk5 GTI, a lady in a Mk4 Jetta and a buddy in his Mk5 GLI have been the only dubs autocrossing. So, it makes me happy that...
  6. alexgc

    FS: HPA Motorsports 85a Core Interlock Mount

    Cross-posting this FS thread from the Mk5 forum; see link below for details: HPA 85a Core Interlock Mount
  7. alexgc

    South Jersey VCDS/VAGCOM Services

    I can work on and modify Mk5 and Mk6 vehicles with the VAGCOM modifications that are readily available and discussed on the forums. I can also provide basic logging and fault code dumps. If logging is required, please PM me and let me know beforehand what you'd like logged. $20 for all changes...