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  1. Legendary

    [WTB] Ed's Reps Bi-xenon or similar Headlights

    As title, looking for a decent pair of Ed's Reps or something along those lines. Fitted for Mk6 gti. Throw me a pm with prices. Thanks!
  2. Legendary

    WTB Xenon Headlights

    Just as the title States, I'm looking to buy a pair of OEM or NonOEM MK6 GTI Xenon headlights. Not interested in any with peeling lenses. Pm me with prices shipped. I'm in the NYC area.
  3. Legendary

    WTB - Ross Tech Cable for Vagcom

    Got one. /end thread
  4. Legendary

    Legendary's GTI Build- a.k.a "Why I'm Always Broke"

    Current Mods: APR stage 1 Tuned AWE Vent Boost Gauge w/ AWE Boost Tap Pwrhaus DV Spacer (not yet installed) Plaid Inserts (Everywhere) Tints (windows and Tails) OBDII w/ Torque app DeAuto's Full interior LED Kit To do List: Dark Cherry LED Tails (yes, please!) APR Carbonio Stg 1 Intake New...
  5. Legendary

    Anyone know a decent place to go stage 1?

    Heres a question to all you Stage 1,2,3 guys in the 5 boros (and LI/westchester): I've decided to go stage 1 (at least) even before buying my gti. After a little bit of research, I decided to go with the APR tune. I've called a bunch of places and price as of now seems to be $599 + $100-175...
  6. Legendary

    13 GTI stock vs. 300 zx

    Aside from going up against a car 27 years old, I thought it was a pretty good match up against a good driver.... Did a few runs against my mechanic buddy with a 1986 d.d. 300zx. After three (approx) 1/4 mile straight street runs from a 10-15mph roll, My gti had taken him by a car length each...