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    FS: Neuspeed P-Flo Intake

    Selling a red Neuspeed P-Flo intake. It's in great conditions! Filter is still usable, but should probably be changed out sooner or later. Intake is already taken off and ready for sale! SOLD I'll post some pics later on. DM if interested in a few pics taken with my cell.
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    FS: GTI Plaid Seats (4-Door)

    Selling front and rear GTI plaid seats, off a 4 door. ANY offer takes them!. Local only please! I want them GONE! Great conditions, no tears! I'm located in Central Florida! PM me for pics!
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    FS: Neuspeed P-Flo intake (Red)

    Title says it all. Selling a (RED) Neuspeed P-Flo air intake. It is in very good shape (no dents or scratches). Air filter is in fair condition and you will probably need a new one sooner or later. (I will not be including the small secondary air filter needed for CBFA cars, if needed you can...
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    FS: Feeler: 18" Serrons FL

    Hey guys, I'm selling all 4 of my OEM Serron wheels (no tires). 3 of them are in good shape while the other 1 has some scrapes and cosmetic blemishes. But overall they are good, and run just fine. I'm asking $325 for the set (LOCAL). I can also text pictures if needed.
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    Summer Tires or All-Season?

    Ok so this is the issue that I'm having. I live in Florida and I need to buy new tires! About a year ago, I bought 4 new Continental DW (summer tires) and they have been great, especially with the heavy rains we get in FL. But they have already worn down, after only 1 year! So this time around...
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    Is there a shop like Detailer's Domain in FL or GA?

    Hey guys, I love the detailing work Detailer's Domain has done to several cars. They are a very professional and highly skilled group of guys! But the only issue is that they are in New Jersey and I live in Florida!:thumbdown: So is there a shop, just as highly skilled and professional as...
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    Georgia Events for November

    Hey guys, I'm going up to visit my parents in Atlanta next month. But I would like to know if there are any VW events anywhere in Georgia for the month of November. I'm traveling from FL. Please let me know if there is anything interesting going on next month! Thanks!
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    FS: OEM Golf R Bixenon Headlights w/ harness

    Hi guys, I'm selling a set of OEM Bixenon headlights taken off a Golf R! I originally had planned on buying all the necessary parts and installing these on my car, but my wife got laid off and now all our money is going towards bills :thumbdown:. So they have been sitting around for a few...
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    FS: HP Chromebook 11 (Red)

    (NEW PRICE!!!)Hey guys, I'm currently selling a used but MINT condition HP Chromebook 11 w/ red accents. (11.6" display, very lite and portable) I only used it for about 2 months and it comes with the new replacement charger that Google sent me. (there was a recall on the charger because of...
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    Rim Repair/Resurface Shops in Central FL??

    Are there any good & reputable Wheel Repair Shops in Central Florida?? (Lakeland, south Orlando, Haines City, Lake Wales, Winter Haven, etc...) I have some curb rash on a few rims that I would like to get fixed, but I just don't know where to take them! So if you guys can point me in the right...
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    New Alzor Wheels

    So I just want to know what everyone thinks about these new Alzor style 349 wheels! They look pretty sick to me...
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    Need help on what to do with...

    So this is what happened to my GTI 3 weeks ago: So finally, after 3 weeks, the other person's insurance finally paid me $1500!:happyanim: (payment is for repairing/painting the fender & painting the front bumper, since it has a very small nix) That's a lot of money! So I'm debating on what...
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    Euro Switch

    I'm selling a brand new chrome Euro Switch with Auto lights option. I would like for someone local to pick it up, but I am willing to ship if necessary. Pics: I'm thinking $40 local. If no one local wants it after a few days I will consider $50 shipped (domestic only)
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    Location, location, location

    This is just me being bored & curious! But since I live in a small town in central Florida I don't really get to see a lot of VWs around here, especially GTI's. (It's like trying to spot bigfoot :() So with that in mind, I think it would be cool to know where everyone is located at in Florida...