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  1. APRMK6GTi

    TTRS Brakes

    TTRS Brembo calipers and 14.56” OE rotors Sold ~12,000 miles on EBC Yellow Pads ~30,000 miles on rotors Comes with banjo bolt to work with stock brake lines. Compatible with MK5,MK6 and MK7 Golfs/Jettas and MK2 TTs. However, 18" wheel is required and will most likely need spacers to clear the...
  2. APRMK6GTi

    Autotech Clubsport Stage 1 Kit - Spring Rates

    I just want to share a bit of information I found. I searched all over the web to find more information about the kit, but there is little information on these. What interested me most was those Sach Dampers that it comes with. I ended up emailing Autotech and asking for the spring rates. They...
  3. APRMK6GTi

    GOLFMK6: Nor Cal Bay Area/Sacramento Facebook Group

    hey all, feel free to join our facebook group! i think it'll be easier to meet new faces and setup meets in the future! :thumbup: -ron
  4. APRMK6GTi

    SF Bay Area Eggettes Meet Feeler!

    SF Bay Area Eggettes Meet 8/30/14 Hey everyone, It looks like we haven't had a Bay Area meet in awhile. Seems like there is a big interest in having an Eggettes meet. I just want to know who is down to meet up and i'll get a headcount and start planning a date. Morning Drive/Cruise Location...
  5. APRMK6GTi

    Public Service Ad by VW

    JHixeIr_6BM Stay safe all, and keep your eyes on the road!
  6. APRMK6GTi

    Brembo Brake Pad Replacement on TireRack

    I was just browsing on TireRack. It looks like they just put up Brembo brake pads replacement. Anyone has these? How do they compare to Stop-Tech brake pads...
  7. APRMK6GTi

    FS: OEM GTI Rear Lower Valance (Local Pick-Up Bay Area,CA)

    FS: OEM GTI Rear Spoiler/Valance $60 Local Pick Up in San Francisco/Daly City Great for Golfs and TDIs that what to convert to dual exhaust setup. You'll also need the tow hook cover. Part # 5K6 807 441 C 9B9 Slightly bent/warped near the left side of the valance. Very minor as indicated in...
  8. APRMK6GTi

    Jeremy Clarkson on MK7 GTI I thought this part was interesting, " can choose between Comfort, Normal and Sport settings for the front differential, the suspension, the gearbox and the steering, so I did a test. I...
  9. APRMK6GTi

    Dude sees his MK7 GTI being built

    I'm not sure if this is a repost, maybe I didn't do the search parameters correctly with the keywords, but if its a repost please delete. This dude gets to visit the plant and see his GTI being built, pretty cool. I see that the MK7 GTI has a stamped steel subframe instead of our aluminum...
  10. APRMK6GTi

    Torsional Rigidity Strength - Car List

    I'm not sure if this has been posted, I haven't found anything through the search. But here is a list of cars with their torsional rigidity strength #s. MK6 isn't listed but it is the same as the MK5. Numerical order (Nm/deg) Koenigsegg Agera R - 65000 Nm/deg Bugatti Veyron - 60000 Nm/deg...
  11. APRMK6GTi

    VW Car-Net for 2014 models

    Just got this in my email, seems kind of cool. Too bad won't be available for our cars.
  12. APRMK6GTi

    FS: HPA Red 75a Puck, AWE S3 Hoses, & Modshack De-vaned MAF

    HPA Red 75a Puck - SOLD! AWE S3 Hoses - SOLD! Modshack De-vaned MAF - SOLD!
  13. APRMK6GTi

    Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings?

    Does anyone have these? Will it make a difference? I was thinking about getting them as I'll be installing the SuperPro LCA w/ALK and front sway I thought I might as well change them too if it made a difference since the subframe will be down...
  14. APRMK6GTi

    SuperPro Supaloy LCA w/Anti-Lift Kit

    I just received them yesterday, but won't have time to install it until maybe a few weeks later. Here are some pictures I took. The package and the product is top notch. came with some goodies I actually got an amazing deal on them on eBay, thanks to JT64 for informing me. This kit comes...
  15. APRMK6GTi

    Mini Photoshoot - Lexus/VW

    Just a mini photoshoot with my bud. Haven't used my camera in like ages, so don't be harsh...just having fun photoshooting. Enjoy!
  16. APRMK6GTi

    Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5w40

    Has anyone used this? I've been using Motul Specific, but looking at other cheaper alternatives....this oil seems to be pretty good and cheaper than Motul on Amazon especially after subscribe and save. There some good reviews on it, and Ferrari uses this oil(because racecar)...
  17. APRMK6GTi

    ABD Rear Stress Bar

    has anyone installed this? make a difference? i know the unibrace XB is tons better, but there is something about not having to drill holes into the car makes me feel better lol.
  18. APRMK6GTi

    42DD Downpipe On Sale - $100 Off

    hey all, not sure where to put this, but I thought it was a good deal and I pulled the trigger on one!
  19. APRMK6GTi

    Clutchmasters FX350 Review/Impression

    Finally got my FX350 installed today at Tomas Sport Tuning over in Berkeley,CA. For anyone in the SF Bay Area, Tomas Sport Tuning does great work and are honest friendly people with great customer service. So my OEM clutch started slipping around 9200miles, I am only on APR Stage 1 and chipped...
  20. APRMK6GTi

    Installed Neuspeed Turbo Discharge & Air Charge Pipe

    Finally had the time to install these pipes after 2 months. The install on the turbo discharge pipe was pretty easy pretty much plug and play. The build quality and fitment is top notch. The turbo discharge pipe took me about 30 minutes to install from jacking up the car and taking off the belly...