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    Coding advice

    Hey everyone. please don't chastise me for asking about this! haha. I Searched the forum but one found information about the Led headlights. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the proper coding for installing ED's option 1 without the 15 LEds Its a 2013 GTI with already installed OEM LED...
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    Jacksonville build, looking for help!

    Hello JAX club. Im looking to get ED's HID conversion headlights. I have the halogen lights currently. My questions is, Does any know who or where would be the best place to get them installed as i am not that savvy in this field. OR if anyone has installed them before, and would like to...
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    Jacksonville vagcom

    Hey jax owners! You guys know anyone in the jacksonville area that can install headlights and PROPERLY code them with vagcom? Thanks for all your help!
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    OEM headlight install!?

    Hey everyone. I've decided to go with an OEM xenon headlight conversion instead of aftermarket. It seems like the OEM xenon kit has an adapter to go from the oem headlight pin set into the halogen car pin setup. My question is...
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    OEM Plus hid headlight conversion kit

    Hey do you guys know of a conversion using oem headlights instead of after market? I'm trying to convert my halogen headlights to hid. I know about the Ed's headlights. But looking for something more OEM. Thanks!
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    Anti theft system?

    So whats the best way you guys/gals secure your car? I'm moving up to the Jersey area and was wanting to get some security in my car.. I heard about Lojack, andy other ideas??
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    Ed's hid with led tail w/ NO fog light and NO euro switch

    Hey guys. I just installed the bid replacement lights from Ed that have the LEDs. Although the coding that has been posted has not een working properly. I keep getting one of the back reverse lights not working. Does anyone know the proper coding for eds lights with the following setup: Ed's...
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    APR vs EuroJet exhaust

    Which one is better? Rather do u guys prefer? I'm looking to upgrade from the stock exhaust
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    2013 GTI coding issue

    Quick question. I just installed and coded my new ecs led tail lights using this method: "09 Central electrics module, enter 07 coding, change Byte 18 over to bit 15. Your coding my vary by previous changes or options installed." Although. After doing this my right drl is not working and my...
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    Halogen to xenon led headlights

    Hey everyone. New to the forum, just bought a brand new black MKVI!! I just installed LED license plate lights, have the led tail lights coming in the mail (both from ECS tuning), and now am looking to upgrade to the xenon head lights!! How hard is it to convert from the halogen to the...