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    Looking for CoD Buddies

    Pretty much the only game I play these days is MW2019 on PC... unfortunately most of my gaming friends moved on to other games (Tarkov, CW, Avengers, etc) Any of you guys playing MW2019 or Warzone?
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    CT (New Haven) Shop Recommendations

    Hey all, Simple one here, tried searching but the search function isn't worth a damn. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good shop in the New Haven CT area. I had been using Lydell Motors while I owned the Saab - they were one of the Saab community's listed Indies - but not sure...
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    Lowering w/ Stock Struts

    Read plenty in the DG/VWR thread and I've searched in this particular forum pretty extensively. It sounds like folks are installing different spring perches to try and fight reverse rake with the VWR or DG kits, and so I was making my peace with that... when I came across this set on ECS: AST...
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    [WTB] OEM Thule Roof Racks

    Hi all, interested in picking up a set of OEM/Thule roof racks if anyone has a set they're willing to part with.