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    Looking for the part that lights up the selected gear for the shifter on an automatic

    Older cars have a light bulb there, but I popped off the trim piece around the shifter, and it looks like it's a small circuit board of some sort. I didn't want to pull the board out, until I can make sure I can get a replacement. But even at night, I can barely see which gear I've selected...
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    What oil weight do you guys use?

    I just got a 2013 2.5l Base. Took a look under the hood today, there was like 0 oil in it. I didn't see anything on the cap or under the hood on what weight to use, read most people use 5w-30. Do these motors drink a lot of oil? The previous owners weren't driving the car hardly for the last...
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    What do you guys use for phone mounts? Also, will double sided foam stick, and permanently damage the dash?

    I use the cupholder mount in my grocery getter, but the cupholders in the Golf are not in a good spot for that kind of mount. I got one of those scosche adhesive ones. I stuck it on the silver trim piece on the passenger side of the dash, since it is nice and smooth, I wasn't sure if it would...
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    Where can I get a matte black rear badge?

    Want to get a matte black rear badge, and maybe a white decal for the inlay. I found this one but the website seems to be broken. I can't seem to find one, and I don't really want to plasti dip it. I don't really...
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    Is there an always hot 12v wire/connector anywhere near the glovebox? Or is my best bet going to the fusebox?

    Short version: I want to add a hot 12v into the glovebox. Long Version: I tapped the fusebox to make the console 12v always hot, but I don't like the console 12v for a few reasons. I want to put a 12v in the glovebox so it's easier to tuck away the cable when it's not being used. I don't...