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    2011 GTI Knock sensor issue

    I can't find anything about gti's knock sensor, does Anyone know where is gti knock sensor location or any repair manual? how difficult if DIY. Thanks
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    FS: CarGo Blocks, Cargo Net & License Plate Frame

    how much shipping for the license plate to 10012?
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    ISO mk6 gti accessport, cbfa down pipe!!

    i have 2011 GTI APR dp for sale..
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    WTB: CBFA OEM Cat/Downpipe for 2010 GTI 6MT

    how much for ship to NY 11229
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    Selling OEM MK6 GTI Catback

    are u selling your downpipe?
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    Cobb access port for mk6

    should it 400? if price dropped?
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    2013 GTI oem catalytic converter CBFA

    it won't fit.. i had CCTA dp too by mistake when i took my oem dp after installation long time ago..
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    2013 GTI oem catalytic converter CBFA

    How many o2 sensor on dp? I believe u should have 2
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    2011 GTI (CBFA) Stock turbo back 11k miles

    is this stil available
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    WTB: Stock CBFA Downpipe North NJ

    Bump if anyone has one available for MK6
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    2013 GTI oem catalytic converter CBFA

    does it fit 2011?
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    WTB 2011 Stock CBFA Downpipe TriState

    WTB 2011 Stock CBFA Downpipe TriState
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    High Pressure Fuel Pump recommend for 2011 GTI

    It seem like my HPFP is out, which brand pump should i get? OEM or Bosch? the price are 150 difference. Anyone has install bosch HPFP before?
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    2011 gti abs/ air bag error

    Hello, My abs engine light is on and Air bag error are showing up too.. Here is vag's log, Can anyone give me advise how to fix those? Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 1K0-907-379-60EC1F.clb Control Module Part Number: 1K0 907 379 BG HW: 1K0 907 379 BG Component and/or...
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    Code 2015

    Thank you.. I put back to OEM intake, and Get it done within warranty for intake manifold.
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    P0143 and P2096 after intake Manifold replacement

    After i did intake manifold replacement from the VW under warranty in 2011 GTI 110k Mileages , The Dealer said i need to replace the 3X O2 Sensor and cost about 1k, i rejected the repair. Now, I am getting Code P0143 O2 Sensor Circuit Low volts (bank 1 Sensor 3) and P2096 Post catalyst Fuel Trim...
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    Intake Manifold replacement & Carbon Cleaning

    my 2011 gti has about 105k milesage, when I got a CEL. Same code, P2015 Intake Manifold , Thank god, it still under extended warranty.. save me big $$$$
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    Code 2015

    My engine light is on for P2015 with manifold, i still under 120k, i have APR stage 2 intake, should i put back to OEM before bring it back to dealer?