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  1. KollinWithaK

    Kollin's 2012 VW Golf R

    Hi all, some of you may know me/my old car. I used to drive a 2013 2.5 Golf named Lola and loved it. Back in April I had the opportunity to sell my 2.5 and upgrade to a 2012 Golf R, and so I did. I sold Lola to the same guy I bought the R from, so I drove up to Iowa where the R was, swapped...
  2. KollinWithaK

    Vacuum Pump Blockoff Plate

    So whats the consensus on the vacuum block off plate? Searched around on here and found people going either way, including say manual was easier to do the mod on vs automatic, whether or not it actually does anything, etc. The one person I've actually talked to about it says it made a difference...
  3. KollinWithaK

    Kollin's Rabbit

    Hey there, I just picked up a '13 automatic 2.5 a few weeks ago after my other car got totaled out. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford a GTI or had the time to keep looking for a manual, but I still really enjoy the car. Located in Melbourne Fl at the time, but trying to relocate to Orlando atm...