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  1. Legendary

    [WTB] Ed's Reps Bi-xenon or similar Headlights

    As title, looking for a decent pair of Ed's Reps or something along those lines. Fitted for Mk6 gti. Throw me a pm with prices. Thanks!
  2. Legendary

    WTB Xenon Headlights

    Just as the title States, I'm looking to buy a pair of OEM or NonOEM MK6 GTI Xenon headlights. Not interested in any with peeling lenses. Pm me with prices shipped. I'm in the NYC area.
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    WTB - Ross Tech Cable for Vagcom

    Got one. /end thread
  4. Legendary

    First time pulled over...some questions.

    Should be $148 and points on a guilty plea on 9mph over. Monroe county may have ability to lower pts or fine if you plea down at court. Nyc does not have that ability. Pm me if you need more info
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    We'll Never be Royal Balls #10

    This.... I'm subb'd.
  6. Legendary

    We'll Never be Royal Balls #10

    ^^^ you clearly did it wrong... should have waited a few minutes before you took the pictures.
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    E-Ciggs Round #2

    you can buy cheap vapes on ebay. $15 or so. add that with a $10 sampler from a store and you're set. Thats how I got started and never looked back. example of a cheap little kit w/ battery and charger: sampler...
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    Which Car is Faster, Hypothetical...

    so from what I've read so far the answer seems most likely to be... ...Potato
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    The Official Beer Thread

    McKenzie Pumpkin Cider..... I know its not an ale, but tastes like pumpkin pie. Wouldn't mind trading you a few homebrews. I make some good hard ciders and lagers :) Saranac is decent as well
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    The Official Beer Thread

    Long Ireland Breakfast stout and celtic ales are two of my favorite all time.
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    Dumptrolling Diaries: Tales of 'splosions and Dumpdowns

    Just dropped my kids off at the pool... fyi: hot wings burn twice.
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    GTI's gettin pulled over lol?

    if his car is equipped with a plate reader, it would have picked up your registration status automatically as your vehicles passed...that or he was bored.
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    GTI's gettin pulled over lol?

    It is absolutely necessary, I can go on about operator reaction times and braking abilities at speeds over limit...but you would probably not care. What I will say is: "How else would counties and cities make their money to fund road repairs and pay their patrols?"
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    GTI's gettin pulled over lol?

    Most states do not allow trucks/buses to travel in the left-most/speed lane. Guess he had an itch to hit the nos ...but did so legally lol
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    GTI's gettin pulled over lol?

  16. Legendary

    GTI's gettin pulled over lol?

    I have been pulled over/have pulled over GTI`s no more or less than any other car (Not counting hondas). The mass amount of Hondas with younger operators seem to be alot more distracted/oblivious to the traffic rules of NY, as well as seeming to have equipment malfunctions (brakelights...
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    Legendary's GTI Build- a.k.a "Why I'm Always Broke"

    Current Mods: APR stage 1 Tuned AWE Vent Boost Gauge w/ AWE Boost Tap Pwrhaus DV Spacer (not yet installed) Plaid Inserts (Everywhere) Tints (windows and Tails) OBDII w/ Torque app DeAuto's Full interior LED Kit To do List: Dark Cherry LED Tails (yes, please!) APR Carbonio Stg 1 Intake New...
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    The Picture Game #2