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    Trailering GTI

    Anyone tow their GTI for track days and have some recommendation on trailer size/specs? I recently picked up a Nissan Frontier and I'm looking into towing a 14 or 16ft flatbed trailer. Prefer as small as possible, but strapping down the car on a 14ft may a bit tight.
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    Mystery Suspension Creak driving me crazy

    Hey guys, I've been trying to diagnose a front driver side suspension creak for the past several months, and I'm not having much luck. It happens at low speeds (<40mph), primarily over bumps and uneven surfaces. The sound is definitely more audible inside the car than outside, and seems to be...
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    Ronnie_B's 2013 GTI - K04 Track Day Build

    I've had the car for a few years now but just now getting around to putting a thread together. This car used to be my daily driver, and now the car is more track focused, however the car still needed to be streetable Follow me on Instagram! @easy_rider_ Modifications as of 1/2021...
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    Clutch Spline Lubricant?

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of gathering the last few parts for my RSR clutch install coming up, and I'm trying to figure out which lubricant to use for the transmission input shaft to clutch disc splines. I see some people recommend moly grease / paste like Honda Moly 77 or Loctite Moly 51048...
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    Stock springs with SuperPro Ball Joints?

    I'm looking into options for dialing in a bit more camber. My suspension is currently stock, and I'm trying to correct excessive outer tire wear during track events. I've considered DG Springs, but DD my car and would like to maintain stock ride height/quality if possible. I see people recommend...
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    12v Outlet Switch Install

    I decided to install a switch to control power to the 12v outlets, regardless if the ignition is on/off. This comes in handy for charging phones or other devices when the ignition is off. I think something similar to this has already been posted, but I didn't see an actual switch install. In my...
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    HPDE at NCCAR with NASA SE Labor Day Weekend

    Hey guys, here's some footage from one of my HPDE sessions at NCCAR this past weekend. The car in front is a friend's e90 330i. At around 9:40, I got the point by from the black S5 in front. My tires (PSS) started getting greasy later in the session, so I backed off a bit. Overall, the car did...
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    How long until I cord these Michelin PSSs?

    I've got 3 track days (14 sessions) on my Michelin PSS tires. Was hoping to get 4 track days out of them, but with my stock alignment/suspension that may not be possible. Yes, I realize that I'm probably overdriving them...but I can't let those M3's pull away. ;) Think I can get another few...
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    WOT Surge Issues - Throttle Valve / Boost Fluctuation Logs

    Hey guys, I'm trying to troubleshoot a recent WOT Surge that's developed over the past few weeks. It's somewhat intermittent, but it is happening more frequently now. Engine mods are APR Stage 1 v1.2 *correction*v2.0 93 Tune (Torque Limited), Carbonio Intake, and R8 Coilpacks. It happens when I...
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    New summer/track wheel setup: 17" O.Z. with PSS

    I've been considering a summer wheel and tire setup for a while now, and something that can handle occasional HPDE events. Decided to pull the trigger since the wheels I was looking at went on sale. Went with O.Z. Omnia Wheels wrapped in 225/45R17 PSS rubber. First I need to comment on the...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 for an HPDE Event?

    Looking for feedback from anyone that's ran Michelin A/S 3 tires at an HPDE event or similar. I'll be attending my first HPDE event in the next month, so I'll be with an instructor and learning the basics as opposed to pushing the car 10/10. Eventually(or in the near future if I can find a used...
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    All Season Tires: PS A/S 3 vs DWS 06 vs P Zero Plus vs ??

    Hey guys, I've been struggling with what tires to get for a few months now and the time has come to make a decision, with current Michelin and Pirelli rebates going on. I've narrowed it down to three: Michelin PS A/S 3 Continental DWS 06 Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus...
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    WTB: 18x8 wheels with Michelin PSS

    Going out on a limb here, but here goes. Interested in buying 18x8 wheels, ET 45 5-112. Would like VMR, Neuspeed, Enkei, etc...something light. Tires would be 225/40/18s, prefer PS A/S 3's though would entertain others. Located in south east VA but can drive if reasonable. Thanks!
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    Updated waterpump (BG) feedback

    Hey guys, looking to get some feedback on the latest waterpump released for the CBFA engine: part# 06J-121-026-BG. I'm having one installed tomorrow, and trying to get an idea if it's a long term fix or if this will be a repeat failure. I realize installation has quite a bit to do with the...
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    WTB: CBFA Catted Downpipe with Resonator

    Like title says, looking for CBFA catted Downpipe with resonator. I'll be mating this to stock catback. Located in southeast VA. Thanks!
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    New GTI Owner

    Hey guys, figured I'd introduce myself since I'm new around here. I'm new to VW, and was sold on the GTI after driving one last year. Been waiting for the right MK6 since then and picked one up last week. 2013 6MT Wolfsburg with 9k miles. Although my car is a bit strange, it's a Wolfsburg...