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    Hi, My front bumper has went to shit from people tapping it and the damn dealer drilling holes into it for the license plate holder. So I need to buy a new one. Or used. Looking to get one in better condition than mine. Willing to travel I’m located in the dmv so if you are parting out or...
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    WTB cts boss 500 gtx 2867 kit

    Hey, I’m looking to scoop up a big boy turbo full kit. Lookout to be one and done. I don’t want to piece together a kit so it’s preferred with everuthing it came with as I know these turbos aren’t a simple bolt right up like ko4. New or used low miles preferred if anyone has one laying around...
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    OEM stock gti tails $70 DMV

    I’m gonna pm you!
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    OEM stock gti tails $70 DMV

    I’d rather sell as a set... I’ll let the whole set go for 40.
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    OEM stock gti tails $70 DMV

    Sure are!
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    ARM Downpipe- DP ONLY MD $200

    im moving in like 3 days so if you want to pm me I’ll get it to you for 200 shipped.
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    ARM Downpipe- DP ONLY MD $200

    Not a problem I don’t mind if you can cover the shipping... I want to let ya know it is just that piece pictured ^ all you would need is to take it to an exhaust shop to make the connector to the catback. I wanted to make sure you knew! Let me know
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    ARM Downpipe- DP ONLY MD $200

    It is in fact both!
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    ARM Downpipe- DP ONLY MD $200

    Don’t crucify me if I’m wrong but I believe both? It’s got a bung at the very top of the DP which I do not use so I’m assuming it works for both. I believe I’ve got cbfa. I can send some other pictures of whatever if that’ll Help.
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    ARM Downpipe- DP ONLY MD $200

    Bump^^^ also just realized the cat is not in this section sorry for confusion
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    WANT TO BUY 18 RPF1 any width

    Hi, I am looking for a set of RPF1 only 18 inch though. Tires or not I don’t care. If it makes a difference I can put up my Austin’s if needed. Cash in hand. Thanks!
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    ARM Downpipe- DP ONLY MD $200

    Swapped to buddies catless. Had this on for less than 3k. Got it in aug put on sept. $200 obo. Located in Baltimore Maryland prefer local pickup. Downpipe only. Do not have piece that connects to the cat back!!
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    OEM stock gti tails $70 DMV

    I’m open to all offers idrc. I’m moving next month so I’m making some room. Just installed vlands so these are getting set in my closet till I move out. No cracks no water no condensation nothing wrong with them. Shoot me an offer local to DMV.
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    Stock springs $50

    Had my h and r springs on for a while and I’m moving beginning of next month so getting rid of these suckers out of my room. DMV area I can meet somewhere reasonable. I’m also selling my taillights so if you want both I’ll cut ya a deal!
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    WTB R8 Coils

    still looming for a set?
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    FS: GTI Wheels Watkins Glen Central Jersey

    Still have these? Cash in hand
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    Weird temp gauge fluctuation

    So just about everyday my temp gauge goes up to normal, then it comes back down maybe 1/8 or a few lines. I’m not quite sure why or if I should be worried it’s been doing this for as long as I can remember with no issues I just wanted to see if anyone had a reason as to why? Or how I can fix it...
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    Stage 1 tune

    Wow I must say that this has been one of the best pages here on the forum for useful, easy to read, and not too complicated tune knowledge. No arguing either. I’m already stage 1 with IE and planning to go to stage 2 IE for Black Friday but this has got me considering getting a AP sooner than I...
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    Dsg stutter?

    So idk if it’s just my mind or what but lately when I’m stopped and pulling out of my driveway or pulling away from a complete stop if I’m barely hitting the gas my car like moves a few feet then seems like it actually engages the gear similar to a manual there’s no grinding or noises or...
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    K04 in near future

    Hey guys, so as im sure im not the only one to be planning to be spending my tax return on some goodies for my car, im. going ko4 finallyo_O. I tried searching the forum for keyword k04 but it returned no results which i thought was weird. So im wondering which ko4 to go with considering ive...