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    Squeaky Clutch Pedal?

    I used this guide - I know that website is kind of a mess, but the guide itself really helpful. I didn't take any pictures, but I'll add my own notes: Have a small catch can and some rags ready for fluid spill management. You don't want that stuff sitting on the paint. Pay close attention...
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    Squeaky Clutch Pedal?

    Figured I'd resurrect an old thread and share my experience with this. I had the same issue with a squeaky pedal, especially in warm weather, and I finally got sick enough of it to fix it. I pulled the pivot bolt out and greased it liberally inside and out, and it didn't help. It seemed like it...
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    6 bolt / 8 bolt flywheel MK6 R Clutch discrepancy?

    Yes, Mk6 has a 6 bolt flywheel. The Mk7 clutch kit shows a different part number, too, but I'm not sure what the difference is there.
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    Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT

    This project is long dead. There's a shop in Austria that does conversions of Mk4 Wavetracs into later housings, it costs close to $6000 to get one to the US. There's also a guy on vortex who did it, but I'm not sure if he's doing it for other people or he just did it to see if he could.
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    REVIEW: BSH Throttle Pipe Versus Neuspeed Throttle Pipe

    Seems like they all have their issues. I tried the CTS pipe and it was as ill-fitting as a part could be. The mounting bracket didn't line up with anything, and they didn't even include a correctly sized coupler - it was a standard cut-to-fit elbow that required a lot of trial and error to get...
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    Does anyone know if the Mk7 reverse camera will fit the Mk6 hatch lid?

    I'm not asking about a full wiring kit, I'm just wondering if the camera/badge unit itself will work with an existing retrofit. The terminals all look similar, but that doesn't mean the pinouts are the same or the coax cable will work. Anyone have experience with this?
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    510 sat nav.

    Check the part number, you might have a European unit. US part numbers start with 3C0, Euro models start with 1T0 or 3T0.
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    Suspension Questions

    There's more to consider than just the drop when pairing springs to shocks. I tried H&R sport springs with the stock shocks for a while - they're the same drop as the VWRs, but the car bounced all over the place because the stock shocks aren't valved for progressive rate springs. Then I switched...
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    Seeking confirmation for a United Motorsport K04 tune...

    I know it's off-topic, but does your current tune account for the Forge wastegate actuator? I need to rebuild my turbo soon and would like to use all new boost control hardware while it's out, and I'm wondering how difficult it is to set up the Forge WGA. Ideally I'd like to be able to just set...
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    Engine mounts talk to me...

    I've been through a few setups, and what I've learned is that the pendulum mount system has the largest impact on NVH, but a lightweight flywheel can add to it and a Fluidampr can smooth it out quite a lot. The engine and gearbox mounts don't really seem to make transmit much vibration (or they...
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    APR can probably send you a template if you contact them. Although they were really cagey about wheel spec requirements when the kit came out, so who knows. Check out Tarox, too - I'm running their 345mm 8 piston kit and I really love it. I can verify that they fit behind OEM Talladegas...
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    Seeking confirmation for a United Motorsport K04 tune...

    I don't know about your specific setup, but UM customer dynos typically line up pretty accurately with what they advertise, if not a little better. There's this guy: Power is a little higher than what you...
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    Article: How I cut my GTI’s weight

    Well, the topic of the article is a daily driver, owned by a guy who isn't a pro, that appears to see the occasional autocross. I'm glad he's happy with what he did, and I certainly can't tell anyone what to do with their own car, money, and time. Just that if you're serious about shaving lap...
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    Article: How I cut my GTI’s weight

    True, but even at that, driver coaching will shave more lap time than lightweight steering knuckles. This is professional race team stuff.
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    Article: How I cut my GTI’s weight

    lots of butt dyno and confirmation bias (I did all this work, it must be better!), not a lot of data. I've everything he did except super lightweight wheels, and it hasn't made a lick of difference in acceleration, steering feel, or fuel economy. Maybe ultralight wheels are the key, but the...
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    The Official Driver Gear/VWR Spring Thread

    The damping rate is the same, the only difference is that B6 is the same length as stock and B8s are shorter for lowering springs. So in your case, you'll want the B8s.
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    Replacement Windshield for Golf R

    Have the dealer look it up for a GTI or Golf that has it. You should be able to buy it through a glass shop, too - when I had my windshield replaced, the shop verified whether I wanted OEM, and if it had a rain sensor.
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    VWR Racingling springs VWR31G60R for Golf R

    Used for about 50k miles. The coating on the fronts is rubbed a bit where they sat on the struts, the damage is cosmetic only - otherwise they're in great shape. Fits Mk5 R32, Mk6 Golf R, Mk5/6 Jetta $150 shipped.